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Pillow book - discussion before reading

Hello everybody,

I will not be able to start reading until the end of February, as it will be noted in our bibliography until then. @Japanliebe: Does it make sense to start reading an older issue or is it too different? Over 700 pages are quite a lot, even if I otherwise have no problem reading through a book in one day. But I wonder how “well” it can be read or whether the language isn't a bit more bumpy after all. It sounds so interesting, however, that I can well imagine having read it through quickly.

I'm really looking forward to the cover, it should be soft and very comfortable. While researching the issue, I also stumbled across the expensive and all the older issues (which we have in abundance in the library), because I realized that it had to be something special. The jewelry edition is certainly not that expensive for collectors and enthusiasts - I mainly borrow books instead of buying them myself, but there are a few things that I absolutely have to own. So I can well imagine that the edition will find interested parties.

At first I was a little disappointed that this is the first book, I would have much preferred to start with the second book. : D I hadn't heard of the pillow book before and it sounded too historical to me at first. But in the meantime I've gotten into it, I think the German title is great. I imagine the whole thing to be like a diary in which one also writes the most intimate and secret thoughts into it. By the way, I am now curious about the historical background.

It's my pleasure!
Jaqueline (greetings from Heidelberg)