What is the CIA doing

CIA: Those were the ten worst bankruptcies for US intelligence

Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that the American secret services and especially the Central Intelligence Agency are known to the public primarily for scandals. It is true that the CIA is neither the largest nor the best financially equipped service whose task is to secure the USA: The National Security Agency, which monitors communications around the world, has almost three times as many employees and a significantly higher budget for its extremely expensive equipment. and both the FBI, which is responsible for counter-espionage among other things, and the Army intelligence service have significantly more employees.

Nevertheless, the three letters are synonymous with covert operations for the benefit of the United States. There is hardly an institution that is more hated and feared worldwide; Only since the alleged revelations of the traitor Edward Snowden, who fled to Moscow, has the NSA opened up.

70 years ago, when US President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act on July 26, 1947, the existence of an American secret service as an independent institution became possible. Its predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services founded in 1942, was still part of the then US War Department. The CIA, on the other hand, has been directly subordinate to the President since it was formally established on September 18, 1947.