Is my cat sterile?

What should be considered after neutering cats?

If your cat is neutered in the morning, you can usually pick it up from the vet in the evening. Make sure that there is a quiet, warm place available where the animal can wake up completely from the anesthesia and relax undisturbed.

Most cats are still very dazed from the anesthetic. Place your cat on a blanket or in a cat bed on the floor. The resting place should not be on chairs or the couch. Otherwise there is a risk of falling when the animal tries to move.

After-effects of pain

Especially with female cats, it can take a few days before they are completely pain-free again. Hangovers usually feel good again after a day or two.

However, watch your cat closely during this phase so that you can inform the vet in good time if there are complications. Also, your vet will likely call you again for a follow-up exam the second day after the procedure.

Spaying and neutering your cat: proper nutrition afterwards

An intervention like neutering has an impact on the energy requirements of your furry friend. Just two days after castration, the basal metabolic rate, i.e. the calorie requirement, decreases by around 30 percent. In combination with less exercise, your cat can quickly become overweight. So that this does not have a negative effect on its weight, you must then pay more attention to the correct nutrition of your neutered cat.

But you don't have to completely change your feeding habits. Just make the portions a little smaller and weigh your cat regularly. If you notice an increase in weight in your house tiger in the weeks or months after castration, the amount of food is still too large.

It can be helpful to switch to low-calorie cat food. There is even a special food available for neutered cats, the nutritional profile of which is tailored to the specific needs of the animals.

By the way, don't let yourself be irritated when the special food is called “food for sterilized cats”. Sterilization is used as a generic term in this case; it is also food for neutered cats.