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Teamwork matters: Why collaborative work is the future for design processes

In the future, successful design processes will no longer be able to do without collaboration, which is why this year Adobe is putting this at the center of our XD Experience Design Tool.

The design process is in a state of flux - reason enough to put the topic high on the agenda of our exclusive Deep Dive Innovation Session at the Awwwards Conference in Amsterdam. Because design professionals like Andre Jay Meissner, XD team member since the very beginning, are convinced: The increasing complexity of current and future design processes can only be successfully mastered through collaborative work.

Nobody has all the skills and knowledge that are required to implement a large project - the area of ​​UX design has now become too large and diverse for that. The solution: collaborative work and learning from other designers. “The result counts! And here the collective brain is far superior to the comparatively less knowledge of an individual, ”explains UX designer Sander Crombach.

UX designer Sander Crombach knows: The various tasks in the design process require far more knowledge than a single person can acquire. Illustration: Bert Musketon.

At the same time, every designer brings their individual input into the creative process. Johannes Schiel, owner of Unleashed Design in Germany, emphasizes: “Everyone in the design industry approaches a specific problem with their own strategy. You get the best result when you combine all the solutions. That always makes work in the design industry exciting. "

For creative people, agile design also means not only working more with people from different areas of the company, but also with people outside of your own organization, emphasized several conference participants.

“As an art director and UI designer in an agency, the exchange of ideas and knowledge is an integral part of the work process,” explains Arnaud Steckle, co-founder of the French communications agency Izhak. “For our projects, we also have to work with strategy experts, customers, creatives and users in order to develop a digital product that meets all requirements. Good collaboration tools and processes are a must in our industry. "

Collaboration is essential to free designers from their "bubble". Illustration: Bert Musketon.

All participants agree on one point: Without the right tools, there will be no collaborative work.

With XD, Adobe design teams provide a platform that gives them reliable and powerful tools for smooth collaboration. Thanks to monthly updates, users also have access to new functions. The focus is on the integration of common Adobe programs in XD: Designers can open Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch files in XD. The exchange with colleagues or customers who do not have XD access is easily possible via the browser or integrated apps such as Slack, JIRA or Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to XD's MVP-based design philosophy, we are adding a few high-quality features with each iteration and improving them in later versions. At the end of last year, for example, we started developing language support and added several languages ​​and regional accents in the subsequent versions. This is a real benefit in terms of usability: Now you can add a description to your designs. This makes it easier for everyone involved to understand your work and give you feedback.

XD already relies on Adobe Creative Cloud to make collaboration between designers easier. With the December 2018 release, cloud documents were introduced as standard, i.e. work is saved directly in the cloud and offline changes are automatically updated. So everyone in the team always works on the same version of the design. Feedback can also be collected at one point and easily incorporated into the next design revision.

Various tools and processes make collaboration easier. Illustration: Bert Musketon.

Making the design process as simple and smooth as possible is one of XD's main concerns - this also applies to collaboration. According to Meissner, XD will therefore focus this year on an optimal collaboration process:

“For us designers, XD is already a great tool. In 2019, we will therefore concentrate on optimizing the work processes of large teams. "

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