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Golf at a glance: Did you know?

Golf is more than just a walk with people waving clubs. In this sport you use up to 124 muscles during a golf swing, which corresponds to almost the entire musculoskeletal system. If you take an 18-hole round as an example, which takes an average of four hours, a golfer burns around 1200 calories. Quite a lot if you take 2 hours of tennis in comparison, even an hour of jogging burns fewer calories.

Golf keeps you healthy and fit, both your head and your body! Harry Valérien once said: "Golf is like a drug: once you have played this game, you can hardly get away from it."

A few words about the golf comparison

We at Golf-Comparison started playing golf a few years ago and will still be asking ourselves in 2020: Does golf still have to be expensive these days or are there already cheap golf memberships that make it easier to get started in the sport at low cost?

So in 2007 we started on Golf-Vergleich.de, as we think, to write interesting articles on the subject of golf and golf memberships, which enables new golfers and those interested in golf to find their way among the many providers who cavort in the golf market, to find your way around.

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On Golf-Vergleich.de you will always find a current selection of our test winners in the various golf categories (such as the ideal golf membership, the best pro shop on the Internet, the cheapest golf trip, books about golf, apps and much more ...) with them You can't go wrong. We also present the trips and events for golf singles in the test report.

We don't list bad offers - why waste your valuable time? All of the test winners we tested are reputable companies from the golf market. You should be able to find your golf membership quickly and easily.

In the meantime we have, for example, arranged several thousand long-distance memberships to various golf clubs and associations, run voucher campaigns and thus supported the sport of golf on its way to becoming a popular sport. Our site visitors have discovered the most diverse golf memberships for themselves through our portal ...

Take your time to look around - there is a wealth of free information about golf and golf membership waiting for you!