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Confessions of a Toner Fan

Suddenly it was there: the clarifying facial tonic from Dr. Hauschka. It got into my bathroom in a roundabout way and for the first few weeks after its arrival it had a rather dreary existence in the back of my medicine cabinet. That was mainly because I didn't know what to do with him. What is a facial tonic anyway? I do not need it!

It's good that I was taught better. When I stood in front of the empty jar of my day cream one morning and then went looking for an alternative product, it caught my eye again - the inconspicuous bottle. I thought to myself: well, better than nothing. Less than 3 minutes later I was a toner fan!

The reason: After spraying the clarifying facial tonic on my face, I felt a significant change. The skin suddenly felt firmer and cleaner - ready for a dose of care. Okay, at that moment I unfortunately didn't have a care product on hand, but I changed that immediately. In the meantime, the “toner” - the somewhat cooler name of the miracle cure - has become my favorite intermediate step in my care routine: cleaning, toner, serum, cream. I wouldn't do it any other way!

Still wondering what a toner is all about? I will explain it to you!

What is a toner?

Toners - also known as tonic or tonic - are care products that are used after cleansing the face. Integrating them into your daily beauty routine means a lot less effort than you initially think. Simply apply with a cotton pad or spray on the skin - depending on the type of toner.

What do toners do?

Their properties are diverse: they dissolve limescale residues that get on the face with the water, they also bring the pH value of the skin back into balance and are intended to reduce pigment spots. Subsequent care products can be absorbed much faster and more completely.

Which toner is right for me?

The toners have a wide range of effects - from “clarifying” to “refreshing” to “calming”. Which toner is right for you ultimately depends on your skin type. The clarifying facial tonic from Dr. Hauschka is very suitable for combination skin, for example. This also applies to GinZing from Origins, which also provides you with a pleasant kick of freshness.

Those who tend to have pigment spots should take a look at the Lotion Apaisante from Eisenberg Paris. This is supposed to lighten the skin thanks to the innovative trio-molecular formula and is suitable for all skin types. This toner is applied with the cotton pad.

However, if you have very sensitive or dry skin, you have to be careful when choosing the toner. Most products contain alcohol and, if used incorrectly, can also have a drying effect. In this case, however, you can simply use an "alcohol-free" one. Douglas Beauty System's Calming Toner, for example, does not contain alcohol and gently prepares the skin for subsequent care.

Is it worth incorporating a toner into my maintenance routine?

Definitely! If you choose the right toner, you can offer your own skin additional care and optimize your own beauty routine over the long term. I have found myself that my care products can be absorbed much faster and work better since I started using a toner. I am a total toner fan!

What about with you? Have you not had toners on your screen or should they be in your bathroom for a long time? Let me know!





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