What is your personal opinion on gold triggering

Michèle & Friends - The art of growing up

Digger don't tell you anything? Imagine marrying Rupert Murdoch, one of the richest people in the world - as Wendi Deng (right) did. Photo: Phil McCarten (Reuters)

Do you know what a gold digger is? I ask this to be on the safe side before I write any further because I have a friend who actually didn't know that the other day and after half an hour of talking she asked me what a gold digger was?

Well, this is the species of women who specialize very early on, with the help of men, to achieve great wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. The young gold diggers have mostly been trained by their gold digger mothers to ensure that you shouldn't waste your time with men who don't have gigantic riches to offer.

Switzerland is the epicenter for gold diggers, just like all places where a lot of money is collected are gold diggers melting pots. Monte Carlo, for example, is a popular destination for young diggers, or Dubai. Older gold diggers still love Marbella, with us they sit in their chalets in St. Moritz, Gstaad and in villas on Lake Zurich with the money from four lucrative marriages or from their last, deceased husband. Berlin, on the other hand, is hated by gold triggers, the men come by bike instead of by helicopter and spend a maximum of ten euros (a warm meal and a beer) but the next time the woman has to pay.

So, all right, right?

I have a lot of gold diggers in my circle of friends, unfortunately I'm not like that at all, otherwise I wouldn't have a job and would not rather work than be nice to men, but I love my gold diggers, the young and the old, and don't want anything now Hear negative.

She talked nonstop about bitcoins

Last week I was with my friend S. in Küsnacht, and while she was serving dinner for us (Chicken and Salad), she was talking nonstop about Bitcoins. I have to say that I can live out my superficial side as well as my preference for shallow conversations with my gold digger friends and I am not used to demanding conversations and do not expect them. But now it was about S. trying to get her husband to invest in a cryptocurrency fund using bitcoins, and the pesky troubles that go with that.

The first cryptocurrency girl group comes from Japan: A member of Kasotsuka Shojo with a Bitcoin mask and a fan. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi (AFP)

I didn't even check what S. was talking about, and she explained to me that Bitcoin is just one of several crypto currencies that exist, how much you have to invest and how much millions of friends have earned from it. Oh, I howled, if I had only bought bits for 1000 euros when I was hanging out with all the startups in 2012. No, she consoled me, back then you didn't know that you could turn bitcoins into cash, “but now you can just call your trading office and have ten thousand transferred to your account”. In addition, she looked at me meaningfully.

"Only if you don't care about the money"

A few days later we were sitting together again in cheerful company, and one of us said that she actually wanted to go to the Crypto Conference in St. Moritz. Another, who with her white-blonde hair and pointy pink fingernails resembles Barbie rather than a financial expert, immediately complained that UBS and Credit Suisse did not carry out any transactions with cryptocurrencies and that they had to laboriously find a private bank that would do that, and now they do Has to loosen up a hundred thousand, but she still hesitates.

“A HUNDRED THOUSAND”, I ask, horrified, “that much? Why don't you take ten first? " - "Oh, that doesn't help," she replied, "and all crypto brokers say, invest from a hundred, and only if you really don't care about the money and it doesn't hurt." All gold diggers nodded at me.

"So that's how it is," I summed up, "you are all cryptodiggers now, the next level of golddigger." 20 years ago the benchmark was a private jet, now a man has to have crypto funds in the millions. Welcome to the new data age!