Why can't I believe in spirituality

Seeking God in all things


For Protestant Christians, the Bible and the sacraments are of central importance. By listening to the message of the Bible, they learn of God's love for them. Meditating on a biblical text, the daily slogan, and proclamation in worship are essential elements of evangelical spirituality.


Like a moving mirror in a pond, the soul must first come to rest before it can recognize God and itself. With this old picture, Martin Luther described the meaning of silence before God: “Just as the sun can be clearly seen in still water and warms it up strongly, it cannot be clearly seen in moving, rushing water. ... So go where you can be quiet and grasp the picture deep in your heart, there you will find miracles after miracles. "

place and time

Even if it seems difficult: It is advisable to set up a fixed date for silence and prayer - right in the morning after getting up or in the evening before going to bed. It can be helpful to delimit the place and make it special: with a candle, a cloth, a pillow or a special chair.


Whether in the church or in the open field, washing up or taking a walk in the woods: There can be space for spirituality anywhere. Many people feel very close to God, especially in nature, and communicate with him there. Martin Luther said: God could be worshiped under the Elbe bridge as well as in a church building.


The family is a place of lived spirituality. When praying together at table or in the evening, when singing religious children's songs or when cultivating the special customs of the church year, the little ones are taught a living faith and their own spirituality is cultivated.

Take time out

Just leave everyday life behind, relax and find yourself and God - Protestant communities and conference centers in Bavaria offer this. When practicing prayer from the heart, meditative dance, but also through the "Temporary Monastery" offer and during pilgrimages, there is room for contemplation with God.