What is the art of Deidra Naruto about

An argument about art

Ronja: Hi, I'm a fish finger.

Edina: Hi, I am a living doll and art is forever.

Ronja: Since there are no Juli children in the group, I answer for Deidara: "No! Art is an EXPLOSION!" * makes a bomb and blows everything up *

Sasori: You banause, art is forever!

Deidara: No! ART IS A BANG! 💥

Sasori: Art is forever!

Deidara: Art is a moment! Art is explosion!

Sasori: Art is forever !!!!

Deidara: Art is an explosion!

Sasori: Art is forever!

Tobi: Art is biscuits 🍪

Deidara: Tobi you nuisance, get out of here! Art is an EXPLOSION!

Ronja: Tobi is right. Here are some cookies for you.

Tobi: oh thank you Ro-chan! 😄

Sasori: * doesn't feel like it anymore and just goes *

Deidara: Come back you art bogus! * runs after Sasori and wants to blow him up *

Ronja: Please Tobi

Sasori: * tries to poison Deidara to get rid of him *

Tobi: * eats cookies *

Deidara: * falls over and blows himself up *

Ronja: * sits down next to Tobi and also eats cookies *

Sasori: * goes into his room and continues building his new doll *

Tobi: Ro-chan, can we buy Tobi a stock of biscuits for 10 years?

Ronja: * thinks for a moment * There aren't that many cookies in this world Tobi, but we can still go buy some. Edi do you want to come with me?

Tobi: Cookies for Tobi are cookies, no matter how many

Edi: I'll be happy to come with you

Ronja: Great, will we take Konan with us too?

Edina: Me: yes

Tobi: Tobi doesn't want Konan to be there!

Me: why not?

Tobi: Because she didn't give me any cookies

Ronja: But she'll give you some today for that. Isn't it Konan?

Konan: Of course I'll do that 😅

Ronja: OK then let's go!

Tobi: yeah!

Ronja: Thanks Konan!

Konan: Please 😅😊

Tobi: Can we go please? Tobi is a good boy.







That was definitely the first chapter, with more to come.

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