What prayer did he pray

I find it distorting the meaning when the "Our Father" is introduced in Holy Mass with the words: "Let us pray as Jesus himself prayed with his disciples ...". Did Jesus not distinguish between his relationship with the Father and that of the disciples? He always says "My Heavenly Father ..." or "Your Heavenly Father ...". If Jesus had prayed the “Our Father” together with the disciples, what about the request “... and forgive us our trespasses”? I. D., Hanau

Your considerations can be approached with four questions: 1. Did Jesus on any occasion pray the Our Father with his disciples? This cannot be answered with any historical certainty. Matthew narrates the Our Father along with statements from Jesus about prayer. Luke quotes it in response to the disciples' request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” They had previously observed him praying. Jesus certainly prayed with others - at the table or in the synagogue. The Lord's Prayer is now his help for personal prayer to the loving Father in Heaven.

2. Did Jesus evaluate his own relationship with God differently from that of other people? Jesus wanted people to live with full trust in God just as he did. He himself was convinced that he had a particularly close relationship with God. It is difficult to answer exactly how his religious self-image differed from that of other Jews of his time. For everything that the evangelists transmit is shaped by their conviction that Jesus, raised from the dead, is the Messiah, the Son of God. And he has a different relationship to the father than the disciples. Therefore they do not transmit a word of Jesus in the New Testament in which he speaks of "our Father".

3. Could Jesus have prayed: “Forgive us our debts” - shut himself up? What has just been said applies here. Today we confess: “equal to us in everything except sin”. After all, Jesus received the baptism of repentance from John. Whether Jesus himself ever felt guilty cannot be said historically. If “sin” means separate from God, then He was not sinful.

4. How should the Lord's Prayer be introduced into Mass? The missal suggests: 1. “… we dare to speak:”, 2. “… pray as the Lord has taught us to pray:”, 3. “… we pray with trust:” or 4. “another suitable one Invitation. ”If one now says“ as Jesus himself prayed with his disciples ”, it means the Spirit of the Our Father rather than the exact formulation. But the introduction doesn't really fit.

From Roland Juchem