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Infinity Gauntlet: The Eternal Feud

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Anyone who has watched the last Marvel blockbusters in the cinema and is less familiar with the comics may wonder what role the ominous "Infinity Stones" may still play in this film universe. These powerful stones are by no means new in the cosmic adventures: In the 1991 miniseries “Infinity Gauntlet - The Eternal Feud”, which is now being published by Panini, author Jim Sterlin shows what power the “soul stones” confer when they are in possession are of one being; The fact that Thanos of all people is the owner of the Klunker does not bode well.

Because the Titan is unhappily in love. Lady Death, the ruler of the realm of the dead, disdains the almighty titan because of his power, of all things. It hardly needs Mephisto to put fleas in Thanos' ear, how to win the favor of the chosen ones, because in his omnipotence fantasies Thanos does not listen to anyone anyway. But now he wants to decimate the number of all life in the universe to such an extent that the realm of death is more populated than that of life. The Titan hopes to win the heart of Lady Death by expanding her area of ​​power.

The crazy titan's absurd plans have unimagined effects not only on earth. But when the Silver Surfer shows up at Doc Strange and wants to warn mankind, it seems almost too late. Fortunately, the earthly superheroes get support from Adam Warlock, who lives in one of the infinity stones. Perhaps it will still be possible to somehow keep the all-seeing, all-powerful Thanos from his intention to destroy.

Author Jim Starlin, who created Thanos himself in 1973, pushes the tube in his completed miniseries "Infinity Gaunlet" and creates a space opera that has washed itself. The conflict is almost classic: creation has to divide itself against a god-like being. The rebellion against the principle of deity is almost a symbol for turning away from the religious in itself. What happens to gods if no one believes in them?

And as cosmic as the story is structured, unorthodox alliances are needed against the overwhelming threat. Humanity and its superhero protectors cannot save space alone; and while one is still discussing on Terra whether Victor von Doom is really trustworthy, Adam Warlock is already negotiating with Galactus and the observer. Amazingly, the Fantastic Four, of all people, who are otherwise responsible for trips into the universe at Marvel, hardly play a role in this event.

For this epic, 260-page story, George Perez and Ron Lim find great pictures. They are of course also influenced by the zeitgeist of the time and the way in which comics were made at the beginning of the nineties, but the free paneling, the cosmic scenarios and the nice little gimmicks are fun and convey the polished story with lots of action and fine scenarios. It is in the nature of things that a number of characters appear, but the graphic implementation always provides orientation as to who is currently involved and where the plot is currently taking place.

Sterlin had started the stories about the "Infinity Gems" first with the miniseries "The Thanos Quest", in which the titan came into possession of the stones, and after "the Infinity Gauntlet" followed in the 1990s with "Infinity War" and "Infinity" Crusade ”are two more self-contained adventures about the powerful cosmic clunkers. In 2002 Starlin added “Infinity Abyss”. Perhaps readers will soon be able to enjoy another reprint. All of this can be read nicely in the English Wikipedia, whereas in the German version you just find a poor entry on Jim Starlin.

“Infinity Gauntlet” is definitely a Space Opera classic and you only notice the story occasionally that it has been around for a quarter of a century. Absolutely worth reading.

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Infinity Gauntlet - The Eternal Feud

OT: Infinity Gauntlet 1-6, Marvel Comics 1991
Author: Jim Starlin
Illustrator: George Pérez, Ron Lim
Translation: Jürgen Petz
Publishing company: Panini Comics, softcover, 260 pages,
Release: 16.09.2014


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