Why don't we pray to find God?

Why pray

How you can talk to God anytime, anywhere

Pray - ask - receive - thank

What actually is prayer? And why do people pray? Simply put, prayer is one Conversation with God. He invites us to talk to him and tell him what moves us.

Prayer isn't complicated. Not only the praying Christian in the church is heard by God, but every human being - whether a believing Christian or not - can anytime anywhere pray. Even if we give just one thought to God, it is a silent prayer. It doesn't matter how many or what words are spoken.

There is no "wrong" in praying and you need no special vocabulary to learn. You can talk to God the way you want it to be - happy, desperate, sad, angry, happy. Just talk to him like this with a friend or your family. The only important thing is that you honest to God. In prayer you can:

  • God for something ask
  • him to thank
  • receive, that means on God's answer to your prayer waiting.

Because prayer is not one-sided, God also wants to speak to you and you his plans for your life notify.

This helps when praying: familiar prayers and forms of prayer

Jesus also did this as often as possible Conversation with God wanted his father. What was important to him should also be important to us. When his disciples asked how to pray, Jesus gave us one "Prayer Instructions" leave that Our Father.

In addition to the Lord's Prayer, there are numerous other well-known prayers that help people pray when they are lacking their own words. In the Bible or in a prayer book believers will find pre-formulated verses to address to God. On the following pages you will find many suggestions for your conversations with God. Get inspired!


Why pray - That's what Joyce says about it

Prayer helps people have a Establishing a connection with God. So that you too can bring your concerns to God, Joyce gives you helpful suggestions, advice and inspiration. For example, she shares the Bible verseswho have fundamentally influenced and changed their path in life. Let Joyce help you pray!

5 tips for praying

Helpful suggestions on how to easily get into conversation with God.
Just pray

Pray with the Bible

Pray specifically for your concerns using verses from the Bible.
Pray with the Bible

Joyce Meyer's favorite Bible verses

Read 23 verses from the Bible that particularly inspire Joyce.
Discover the Bible

Prayer helps: we support you!

Share your feelings and thoughts with God. You can be sure that what moves you deep in your heart moves God too. Just like other Christians and believers, let yourself be drawn from the Power of prayer touch and learn more and more to recognize God's answer to your prayer request.

You will find helpful support in the form of books and DVDs in our online shop for in-depth discussion of the topic. In addition, we also offer you specific support in praying. Send us your prayer request, we will be happy to pray for you! Because we believe thatPrayer helps - try it yourself!

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