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9 smart companies that sell products on Instagram without an online shop

Do you want to sell your products on the Internet, but don't feel like doing the work and the stress of having your own online shop?

Or maybe you already have an online shop, but want to make it easier for your customers to buy.

If so, consider selling your products on Instagram. I made $ 332,640 on Instagram in just three months. In addition, 80% of all users on Instagram follow at least one brand.

But I'm not the only entrepreneur who has already achieved success on Instagram, which is why in this article I will introduce you to nine other companies that sell products on Instagram even without an e-commerce shop.

But first I want to show you why selling on Instagram works so well.

Why should I sell my products on Instagram?

The 2016 Social Media Update of the PewResearch Center shows that 32% of all internet users have an Instagram profile and half of these users use the platform every day.

So you have a really good chance of exchanging ideas with Instagram users.

I also want to briefly mention that the platform is mostly used by women and that 59% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old.

If this corresponds to your target group, but you do not yet have an Instagram profile, then you are missing out on the chance to build a strong and successful brand.

In addition, you let yourself heaps of it potential customers slip by the rag.

Really everyone is represented on Instagram and uses the platform for sales, be it pure online companies, shops or companies that specialize in certain services.

You can also use Instagram successfully. However, if you want to avoid marketing mistakes on Instagram, you should stick to the good examples of brands that are already successfully selling their products and making a profit.

I would first like to talk about the Artifacia company.

1. Artifacia sets informs users that their products can be purchased on Instagram

Instagram has numerous functions that enable the history of products on the platform.

You can use shoppable posts to let your fans know that they can buy your posts' products.

Here's a post from Artifacia telling followers that the products are for sale.

The photo indicates that the products can be purchased from the company's Instagram feed and the accompanying text explains how to buy the products by clicking on the link in the Instagram bio.

But how do you make your posts “shoppable”?

2. BK Store enables users to pay via WhatsApp

A traditional shoppable post on Instagram sends the user to an online shop when he clicks.

To work around this step, you could accept payments via WhatsApp, such as BK Store. All you have to do is put your WhatsApp phone number in your Instagram bio.

The user does not have to visit your e-commerce shop first. Instead, he can look at the products in your Instagram feed and can then arrange payment and delivery with you via WhatsApp message.

How to run an online shop without an e-commerce platform.

But it gets even better. Instagram is testing a new feature in Brazil that will allow users to transfer their Instagram stories directly to WhatsApp stories.

So maybe you will soon be able to share your stories on WhatsApp.

It works like this:

  • If you want to publish a new story on Instagram, you have the option to share it on WhatsApp at the same time with the push of a button.
  • Activate the corresponding button and the images and videos of your Instagram story with the Instagram logo will be transferred directly to your WhatsApp story.

Pretty cool right? Next, I'd like to address the importance of product images.

3. Nordstrom creates a gallery of product images

It is important to create a gallery of product images because high quality images on your Instagram page attract potential customers.

But don't use a filter, as a filter changes your image and your products no longer look the way they actually are.

Studies have shown that images of real customers while they are using the product can increase the interaction rate by up to 30%.

The same study also showed that photos with stronger shades of blue get 24% more attention than photos with stronger shades of red.

You must also have a detailed description of the image. Give your customers all the information they need about the product in question.

If you want to share other images in addition to product images, but do not want your product images to be lost in the mass of images, you can use the Like2Buy program.

The program comes from Curalate.

Set up an account on Like2Buy and then place a Like2Buy link in your Instagram bio, just like Nordstrom.

This link leads the user to an “online shop”.

When the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a gallery that contains all of your product images so that they can take their time to look around and browse.

All they have to do now is choose a product and then click on the desired product to buy it.

You can place multiple products in one post, use user-generated content or share your customers' photos to gain the trust of new potential customers.

If you want to use a photo that shows several products, each of the products for sale will be given a number.

You can place as many products as you want on a photo. This is particularly helpful if you want to show products or outfits that belong together, for example.

With Like2Buy, the follower is able to mark the desired products with “Like” in order to be able to call them up again at any time under the menu item “Posts you like”.

So they can come back at any time and buy the product they want, they don't have to search for the product again on Instagram or Like2Buy. This is how you increase your sales.

You even receive detailed analysis reports, you can customize the design of your virtual “shop window” or collect the email addresses of the users.

Nordstrom isn't the only company using the platform in this way. Forever21 and Williams Sonoma also have a Like2Buy account.

However, Like2Buy is not the best solution for small businesses because it is very expensive. I heard it was supposed to cost $ 1,000 a month.

But if your company already has existing customers or sells products with high profit margins, the investment may be worthwhile in your case.

4. Bedcolors increases its reach with hashtags

On Instagram, users can use hashtags to search for specific content and discover new posts on topics that interest them.

Users can find your product more easily if you use a hashtag for your product images and get a feel for your product before even clicking.

With a research you can find out in advance which hashtags customers use to find certain products. Use the Hashtagify program for this.

Choose descriptive hashtags whenever possible, but don't overdo it. Here is a post from Bedcolors:

The company places the hashtags at the end of the product description so that the user can read the important information first.

And since we're talking about the product description, I want to show you how you can optimize yours.

5. back2barenkincare optimizes its product descriptions

You have to tell users what you are selling, but at the same time you have to attract potential buyers.

You can do this by using emojis in the description of your post. Every user thinks emojis are great and that's why you can use them to loosen up the text a bit.

For example, you could use seasonal emojis or find ones that go with your product, like back2barenkincare.

Did you know that you can sell your products in the comments section? I'll show you how to do it now.

6. Gigi's boutique sells its products in the comment area

Soldsie is a program that enables you to sell your products directly in the comments section of your posts. The user doesn't even have to leave Instagram for this.

You can also use it for Facebook.

Both buyers and sellers have to link the program to their Instagram account in order to use the function.

Upload a product image and share the specifications of your product, e.g. B. Information about the available sizes or colors.

Now you just have to tell the user to write a comment with the word “sold” and to add the desired size, color or other information.

Gigi's boutique even goes a step further by using the hashtag “#commenttoorder”.

When the customer has commented on the post, Soldsie sends an invoice by email. Payment is made by credit card or PayPal.

The cost of Soldsie varies. The basic package costs $ 49 per month, plus a 5.9 percent commission.

You should exchange ideas with your customers on a regular basis in order to strengthen customer loyalty and build a long-lasting customer-seller relationship.

7. Archie McPhee exchanges ideas with his customers

If your fans comment on one of your posts because they have a question about your company or product, you have to respond to this comment, because this is the only way to gain the trust of your followers, convince them to buy your products and make your customers happy.

Customer care shouldn't be the only reason to exchange comments with your customers.

Archie McPhee company has interesting conversations with its fans in the comment section.

They even share products and links if they fit the user's comment and could be of interest to them. In this way they increase their sales.

In this way you can show users that there are only real people behind the company profile and thus promote interaction.

Your company will then be perceived as a “friend” that you can rely on. The users then feel more comfortable placing an order with you.

You can gain the trust of Instagram users by working with an influencer and asking them to promote your product.

8. NECTAR Sleep sells its products indirectly with the help of an influencer

You can increase your brand awareness and sell more products by working with an influencer.

An influencer is an influential user who has a target group that fits your product perfectly and might be interested in your offer, but does not yet know your brand.

Instagram influencer marketing is a real game changer for social selling and really pays off.

On average, brands with influencer marketing get back a full 6.50 euros for every euro invested.

NECTAR Sleep has teamed up with influencer Daryl-Ann Denner to write an article about memory foam mattresses.

In the description of her video, she shares detailed information about the company and the product, mentions the free test phase, marks the company and uses a branded hashtag.

NECTAR Sleep only had 11,200 followers before the post and Daryl-Ann had 112,000 followers, so the company was able to reach many new potential customers thanks to this partnership.

The article has been viewed over 10,000 times, so it was a complete success.

You can even accept payments for the products in your Instagram feed using a payment gateway.

9. AKrazyMug accepts payments with a payment gateway

Unfortunately, you can't share a link in Instagram posts so that users are redirected to a product page where they can then make a payment.

However, there are still ways and means of accepting payments on Instagram using a payment gateway, e. B. Instamojo.

Create an account with Instamojo and have your account verified. The legitimation check only takes a few minutes.

Now you get your own handle so that you can accept payments, in your case this would be @username, like the handle of your Instagram account.

If you have chosen a handle, i.e. a username, the link to your Instamojo profile is: www.instamojo.com/Yourusername

The profile consists of a product list with prices and a link.

You can create a link for any of your products by clicking on “Create a Payment link” in the dashboard.

The finished product page should look something like the example from AKrazyMug in the picture below.

Don't forget to upload a profile picture and a cover picture on your Instamojo page.

Now you can write a direct message to your followers and send them the link to your product overview on Instamojo.

Or simply send the link to the users who ask you a question about your products.

When the user buys one of your products, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Then use Instapay to send the customer a request for payment. Simply send him your handle for this. Now the customer can enter their payment information.

You can also request payment directly from the Instamojo dashboard. If you have any further questions about this product, you should read this article.


You probably think that you can't sell products on the Internet without an online shop.

That's not true.

Many internet users have an Instagram profile and most of them follow at least one brand, which is why the platform is perfect for selling.

If you follow the examples of the smart companies I've shared in this article, you can make big bucks on Instagram too.

Pick the right sales strategy and then let your followers know that they can buy the products from your posts, just like the Artifacia company.

Share a picture and explain in the picture description that you can find the product via the link in your Instagram profile.

Or you can enable your users to shop and pay via WhatsApp, like the company BK Store. Simply share your phone number for WhatsApp in your profile and your product descriptions.

The user can choose the product with the desired specifications, choose a payment method and buy it at any time.

Another option is the Instamojo payment gateway. The company AKrazyMug has achieved great success with this program.

Be sure to share product images on Instagram. However, if you want to set up a gallery that consists entirely of product images, you will need to use a third-party program, e.g. B. Like2Buy. Nordstrom uses this platform to sell their products on Instagram.

With hashtags that match your products, you can expand your reach, like the company Bedcolors, and with emojis you make the description of your posts more interesting, like back2barenkincare.

You could also sell your products directly in the comment area, like the Gigi’s Boutique company.

Or follow the example of Archie McPhee and regularly exchange ideas with your fans and potential customers in order to gain their trust.

Also consider working with an influencer. The Instagram influencer is great at promoting your products if they have an audience that shares the demographics and interests of your customers. The company NECTAR Sleep relies on this strategy.

How do you sell your products on Instagram?