What are the myths about IIMs

IIM projects 3rd grade

7 steps of the Individual Interest Research Method (IIM)

  • Find topic
  • Formulate goals and questions
  • Find suitable sources, research, record information in your own words
  • Organize your notes
  • Evaluate goals
  • Develop product
  • Prepare and hold the presentation

The children were coached during the project work by their class teacher Simona Beffa and, during around two lessons per week, by Judith Kistler. As the head of the learning atelier at the Lauerz school, she has extensive experience with this method, from which the children could also benefit!

It was exciting to see how the children acquired more and more knowledge on their subject and thus became little experts in their subject. The highlight and at the same time the end of the project was the presentation evening in front of the family audience. Each child briefly presented their topic to all parents and siblings and at the subsequent exhibition the experts were able to present their knowledge of what they had done confidently! The researchers are already studying their topic for a next project ...

Voices of the children about the IIM project:

"I liked the IIM project on the subject of excavators because I was able to choose the topic myself." (Melwin)

“I really liked the IIM project. I learned a lot about my drone topic. I found my topic exciting. "(Michael)

“I liked the presentation a lot. I now know that you can go up to 70 km / h on a downhill slope. "(Isaiah)

"I liked it very much. I've learned that the most expensive violin is worth $ 18 million. "(Soleï)

"I liked it. I learned how to gutt a fish. "(Daniel)

“I liked the project very much. I learned a lot and now I know a lot more about football. ”(Lian)

“I liked that we were allowed to choose a topic ourselves. I liked the presentation and learned a lot about the clarinet. "(Merit)

“I liked the presentation a lot. I learned a lot of new things about the saber-toothed tiger. I also liked the other topics and I also have ideas for other topics. I want to do something like that again. "(Luca)

“I had a lot of fun. The presentation was cool! I have learned that the smallest turtle is only 6-8 cm tall. "(Matteo)

“I really liked the IIM project. For example I now know how many countries Europe has. "(Silvan)

“I learned how an electric locomotive works. I enjoyed the presentation of my topic Swiss railways and also making the poster. ”(Tobias)

Simona Beffa