What are the best engineering schools in France

Ranking of engineering schools in France

The type of university and thus the type of qualification plays a very important role in France when looking for a job at a later date. In Germany, however, HR managers are not even aware of the importance and reputation of certain universities and degrees.

The engineering schools in particular are among the most prestigious and important universities in France, and the graduates have an increasing influence on the salary tables of companies. So if you are a German exchange student, studying at an engineering school will increase your career opportunities enormously.

To shed some light on the subject, here is a ranking of engineering schools in France that the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle of the Groupe Industrie Services Info (GISI) compiled for 2011.

Training of engineers in France

In France, engineers are trained at engineering schools (Ecoles d'Ingénieurs), which are elite colleges and universities belonging to the Grandes Ecoles.

The advantage of the Grande Ecoles over the universities lies in the more practical and less research-oriented orientation of the training: projects and internships are predominantly adapted to the requirements of the labor market. As a result, graduates from these engineering schools have relatively high career opportunities. This type of training is roughly equivalent to the advanced engineering degree at a university of applied sciences in Germany and has a master’s level. In total, there are around 240 engineering schools in France each year 26,000 graduates who complete their studies with a diploma.

But you can also get an engineering degree at a university. Studying at an Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé (IUP), a practice-oriented university institute, corresponds to studying at a technical university in Germany.
After graduating from an IUD, you are usually more specialized than graduates from a Grande Ecole, where the "ingénieurs diplômés" tend to have more general knowledge and are therefore also referred to as "ingénieurs généralistes". Due to the low degree of specialization, the graduates of the Grande Ecoles are more versatile in the job market.

The designation for both types of engineers is the same, but the difference becomes clearer in the pay: Graduates from a Grande Ecole usually earn significantly more.

Ranking of French engineering schools

  1. Polytechnique Palaiseau
  2. Grenoble INP
  3. Mines ParisTech
  4. INSA Lyon - Villeurbanne
  5. Arts et Métiers ParisTech
  6. ISAE Toulouse
  7. UTC Compiègne
  8. Telecom ParisTech - Paris 13e
  9. Ecole des Ponts - ParisTech
  10. Central Lyon
  11. ENAC Toulouse
  12. INSA Toulouse
  13. Central Paris
  14. ESPCI ParisTech - Paris 5e
  15. Mines de Nancy
  16. Centrale Nantes
  17. Telecom Brittany - Brest
  18. AgroParisTech - Paris 5e
  19. ENSTA ParisTech - Paris 15e
  20. Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne

Source: Usine Nouvelle (2011)

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