Where did bedbugs live before beds were made

Think! Three misconceptions about bed bugs

It's one of the most wonderful places in the world, warm, soft, familiar, the epitome of home: we're talking about our bed. But not only we humans love our beds, bed bugs can hardly imagine a more beautiful location either. Location is the appropriate name, because bed bugs tend to take their meals here.

Misconception number 1: Poor hygiene makes bed bugs

As much as many people love their animals, cats, dogs or guinea pigs, we don't even get over bed bugs anymore. Or have you ever seen someone proudly present their bed bugs? Stupid idea! Because you are more ashamed of bed bugs - because everyone thinks that bed bugs can be found where it is dirty and germinated. One of several misconceptions about the little parasites. Bed bug researcher Professor Klaus Reinhardt from Dresden:

It's a myth that it has something to do with dirt and grime. But there is actually no reliable evidence.

Professor Klaus Reinhardt

So if you find such four millimeters large brown horn flakes - aka bed bugs - in your bed, don't be ashamed. They are just as much at home in luxury hotels as in hostels, with poor or rich, in immaculately well-kept households, just like where cleanliness is handled a little more casually. Bed bug researcher Klaus Reinhardt is certain that bed bugs can be found in almost every major city with a population of over 50,000.

Why we sleep with bed bugs again

Denser colonization in our cities, pets, warmer climate: from the point of view of the Dresden bug researcher, all of this increases the risk of getting bed bugs.

Incidentally, most of the bed bugs are from here and only rarely, as is always said, brought in.

Professor Klaus Reinhardt

A point to argue about - exterminators are often called into households by people who have been on vacation elsewhere and discover a bed bug infestation upon return. There are no concrete figures - there is no obligation to report the occurrence of bugs.

Misconception # 2: Bed bugs transmit disease

So if you always wake up early with some kind of mosquito bite, it could also be a sign of bed bugs. This can be very unpleasant, but at least in one respect without any further consequences: unlike ticks, for example, bed bugs do not transmit diseases.

There are dozens, probably hundreds, of studies that have done all of this. Okay, there are several viruses that can survive in the bed bug's gut for a while. But they cannot multiply and therefore they are not infectious either. There is zero evidence that bed bugs transmit disease.

Professor Klaus Reinhardt

Misconception number 3: knocking mattresses, spraying chemicals

Nevertheless, finding a bed bug is a catastrophe for many, red alert! The chemical club is immediately brought out in panic, the mattresses are taken out and knocked out - everything wrong says the zoologist Prof. Klaus Reinhardt:

90 percent of the people would do the wrong thing. If you spray something around wildly, the bed bugs run around the whole room and nest in the next room. Or if you put the mattress in the hallway, it might go to the next-door apartment and come back at some point.

Professor Klaus Reinhardt

The cold can hardly harm the little bloodsuckers, it only becomes critical for them from minus 20 degrees in the freezer or outside in winter. In contrast, 60 degrees in the washing machine are absolutely fatal for bed bugs and their brood. The microwave would also be a solution if the textiles cannot be washed. So what to do if bed bug findings are certain? The uninvited bed guests betray themselves - not only through the puncture points on the skin, but through their excrement, which can be found as small, black dots on the bed sheet.

I always advise you to rest! Call pest controllers in peace, they'll do it. They understand their craft.

Professor Klaus Reinhardt

But why do we react so panic and often with the wrong means to bed bugs? The Dresden researcher has explanations for this:

I already understand. The bed bug has been gone for a long time and people don't know how to deal with it anymore. Because of this, there are now greater fears.