How are Donald Trump's siblings

"Donald is cruel and unprincipled" : Sister judges Trump - in a secretly recorded conversation

The sister of US President Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, went into court harshly with her famous brother in a private conversation. Trump is a liar and has no principles, says Trump Barry in a secretly recorded conversation with her niece Mary Trump, which the "Washington Post" published. Among other things, Trump complains Barry about her brother's “goddamn tweets and lies”.

Trump Barry accuses the US president in the recordings of separating children from their parents through his restrictive immigration policy and sending them to reception camps on the US southern border. “He just wants to address his base. He has no principles. None, ”she says. Trump Barry also attests to the US President as "mendacious". She also says: "Donald is cruel."

The recordings became public just a few weeks after Mary Trump's disclosure book about her uncle was published. The trained psychologist describes the US president as a lying and cold-hearted narcissist. Trump's recently deceased brother Robert had tried unsuccessfully to stop publication of the book. On the first day of publication alone, the 240-page book sold 950,000 times.

In the audio recording, Mary Trump also talks to her aunt about Donald Trump's application tests at the University of Pennsylvania. Trump was only accepted into college because someone else took the exams for him, says Trump Barry. She even remembered the man's name: Joe Shapiro. Mary Trump had already made this accusation in her book.

Trump Barry: "I did the homework for him"

"He was a brat," says Trump Barry in the telephone recording of her brother. "I did his homework for him and drove him around New York City to go to college."

Mary Trump's spokesman, Chris Bastardi, told the Washington Post that she began recording conversations with her aunt Trump Barry in 2018. This is legal under New York law. Because: She wanted to collect evidence that she had received less than she was entitled to in an inheritance dispute over Trump Real Estate around 20 years ago.

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"She never thought that what she would hear would help her," said Mary Trump's spokesman Bastardi. In public, Trump Barry has never commented on a disagreement with her brother. Mary Trump is the only family member to publicly blame the US President.

In response to the publication of his sister's statements, the White House issued a statement from Trump: "Every day it's different, who cares." He will continue to work hard for the American people, Trump said. Not everyone agreed, but the results were obvious. "Our country will soon be stronger than ever," announced the president. (Tsp, AFP)

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