How is diversity a mishap

Against racism - Basel-Stadt sets an example for diversity and against racism

Basel-Stadt sets an example for diversity and against racism

We stumble upon prejudice every day. Today, on the International Day against Racism, the people of Basel are to be made aware of this thanks to various campaigns. The event was opened by Government Council President Guy Morin.

Why is March 21st, of all things, the International Day against Racism? Government Council President Morin explains: “On March 21, 1960, 70 black people were killed in a township in South Africa. By the police. Seven years later, the UN declared this day an international day against racism. "

In Basel, this day is commemorated with an action on the market square. This was organized by the “Diversity and Integration” department together with “imagine”. After Guy Morin's welcome address, Citizen Councilor Stefan Kaiser and Grand Councilor Brigitta Gerber also comment on the topic. Everyone agrees: The issue of racism is far from off the table, Basel residents should be made aware of it.

Simplicity? Diversity!

According to Morin, a one-sided approach promotes xenophobic sentiments. Hence the motto «Simplicity? Diversity! ”, Under which the rally lasted until late afternoon.

After Morin's address, the “Diversity and Integration” department operated an information stand together with “Terres des homme Switzerland”, where you could talk to experts and stock up on various information materials.

Confrontation with one's own way of looking at things

While the action attracted more and more people, suddenly a young man stumbled in the middle of the market square. The contents of his shopping bag are spread across the paving stone. His companion grumbles loudly that he would never find a job like this.

You pause briefly. What just happened

Then the same couple approaches again; from the same direction. This time, however, the roles are reversed and the mishap happens to the young woman. Your companion speaks vehemently in a foreign language and leaves the place without assistance.

These scenes did not happen by chance, but a street theater specially devised for the day of action. They wanted to confront the population directly with the latent issue of racism, to make them think.

The same situation with two different roles. Who caught themselves forming a simple minded opinion?