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Ouija Brett: Those are the rules

In this practical tip, we explain the rules to be followed when using an Ouija board.

The preparations

According to some reports, Ouija boards can be used to contact ghosts and the deceased. The conjured entity can use a marker to point to letters or phrases and thus deliver messages to those present. But of course, certain precautions must first be taken so that contact and communication can take place.

  • First of all, the location itself where you use the ouija board matters. It shouldn't be too bright. So it is advisable to pull the curtains in front of the window and create a gruesome atmosphere. Candles can of course also be lit to match.
  • Make sure that you do not hold a séance with an ouija board in broad daylight. As a rule, you should not start the session until 8 p.m., which also improves the atmosphere.
  • It is best to place the Ouija board in front of you in the middle of a table. When positioning, make sure that everyone involved has a good view of what is happening.
  • A typical ouija session lasts between 20 and 40 minutes. In order to be able to meet this period, you should keep an eye on the time. You can of course use a clock, but it is more atmospheric if you measure the time using the burning time of an incense stick or a candle.
  • Before you can start, of course, the questions that you want to ask the mind should also be clarified. You can memorize them and recite them from your head, or you can put pen and paper next to the board. Here you can write down the questions and also the answers during the session.
  • Select someone from your group who will communicate with the spirit and do the speaking during the session. The selected person is placed centrally in front of the board, all others present position themselves so that they are within reach of the marker.
  • You should make absolutely sure that any possible disturbing noise source, cell phones etc., are switched off before the session. These disturb the atmosphere and the personal experience.

The sequence

A Ouija board should always be used by at least two people. The process of each session is the same and is explained to you with the following steps.

  1. Those present begin by placing one or more fingers on the marker so that everyone is in contact with it. It is important that you can reach the marker easily and comfortably and not have to contort yourself.
  2. The previously selected person to communicate with the Spirit begins the session by first asking a few opening questions. These can be, for example, "Is there a ghost in this room?" or, if one knows the name of the ghost, "Is X present and wants to answer us?" ring.
  3. The Ouija board should now take effect and the marker should read "Yes" or "No". If it doesn't work right away, you should be patient. It often takes some time to get the first answers.
  4. If you get an answer, you should then ask whether it is a benign spirit. If so, the session can continue as planned and questions are asked one by one, which the Spirit then answers. If the question about the benign disposition of the mind is answered with "No", the session should be broken off.
  5. If you have asked all the questions you want answered, or if too much time has passed, you should end the session. For this you thank the spirit and say goodbye.

Information and important notes about the Ouija board

  • The effects of Ouija boards and communication with ghosts have of course not been scientifically proven.
  • For many, this is just a teenage game. You can tell from the fact that Ouija boards are already being marketed by toy manufacturers.
  • Various Hollywood adaptations also take on the subject. This is how the films "Ouija - Don't Play with the Devil" and "Ouija - The Origin of Evil", which can now be seen in the cinema, were made.
  • However, this does not mean that a séance cannot have very different effects on the parties involved. People with psychoses, depression or similar mental illnesses should not take part in a Ouija session. The impressions during the séance can intensify these psychological states and have a negative impact on the participant.
  • The same applies to participants who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A séance with a Ouija board should always be performed "soberly".

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