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Jake Williams: Darwin's Great Journey - The Discovery of Nature

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Darwin's great journey. J. Williams

Online publication: November 2019 in the internet journal << >>
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<< Jake Williams: Darwins große Reise – Die Entdeckung der Natur >>
96 pages, illustrated throughout, paperback: ISBN 978-03876-151-8 (Midas children's book), Euro (D) 20.00 | Euro (A) 21 | CHF 28
Midas Verlag, Zurich, CH:

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Darwin's great journey
Jake Williams: Darwin's Great Journey - The Discovery of Nature

Charles Darwin's great voyage on the ship called "Beagle" lasted five years and became one of the most important and insightful journeys in world history. A large part of our knowledge about nature is based on this journey and the book «The Discovery of Species», which we wrote afterwards. We accompany Charles Darwin from England to Cape Verde, to Brazil and Galapagos, to Tahiti and Australia.
We roam the wilderness through the eyes of Charles Darwin, encounter giant sloths, platypus, dragonflies and much more, and we learn to discover nature with our own eyes.
This wonderfully illustrated book is particularly about the animals discovered, the adventures that Darwin and his crew had, the exciting expeditions and the knowledge of nature that we owe to this trip. We experience all of this in fascinating pictures and easily understandable texts.

The protagonist
Charles Robert Darwin (born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, † April 19, 1882 in Down House / Kent) was a British naturalist. He is considered one of the most important natural scientists because of his essential contributions to the theory of evolution.

Jake Williams is a multi-award-winning English illustrator, designer and animation professional who creates his detailed drawings completely digitally, but with so much power and color that he received the “Designer of the Year” award in 2017 from the renowned Business Design Center London. His first book success for children was the title "Really Remarkable Reptiles".

Jake Williams' book "Darwin's Great Voyage" with the ship called "Beagle" shows the discovery of nature in a stylistically excellent way narrative, pictorial and impressively clear. His career is also shown. He wasn't very good at school. But he loved nature over the masses. He had a lot of hobbies. He carried out experiments in his parents' garden shed. This deep interest and his self-developed scientific knowledge finally brought Darwin on the long voyage with the Beagle and Captain Robert FitzRoy. to South America and then to Australia, New Zealand and back home. However, the ship returned unplanned from South Africa's tip in Cape Town back to Brazil and only then back with stopovers in Mauritius, St. Helena and the Azores. After four years, nine months and five days, Darwin returned as a seasoned naturalist, eager to test his groundbreaking discoveries. This is how his life's work on the origin of species came about. In addition, there were two principles he had developed so that not only the fittest but especially the cooperative achieves sustainable success in life. Of which only the first principle has been particularly cultivated to this day, with corresponding consequences in the last 30 years.
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