Why can't gas prices stay constant?

VersmoldVersmolders pay more: gas and water are becoming more expensive

Versmold. Stadtwerke Versmold will increase gas prices on May 1st. The reason for this lies, they say in a letter to customers, in the CO2 price introduced by the federal government at the beginning of the year. This is set at 0.54 cents per kilowatt hour in the Fuel Emissions Trading Act. The gas price, on the other hand, will rise less, namely by around 0.45 cents per kilowatt hour.

"Thanks to the advantages in energy procurement, among other things, we do not have to pass this additional burden on to customers in full, but take on part of the additional costs," explains Klaus Heuer, Head of Energy Procurement and Sales, the difference between the state surcharge and the price increase by the Versmold public utility company For a household with an average annual consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours, this results in additional annual costs of almost 80 euros.

However, Heuer confirms that the basic price remains unchanged and, like the gas price, will also be based on annual usage in the future. This year again points out that the price change will only come into effect at the beginning of May and thus after the end of the current heating season.

The electricity prices, however, remain unchanged according to the current status. The water price, on the other hand, is unlikely to remain constant, as the municipal utilities have to make considerable investments in the water network. In 2021 alone, 1.5 million euros are budgeted for the expansion of the pipe network. "We are therefore assuming a price adjustment, but currently we cannot say when it will take place and how high it will be," says Heuer.