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Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia and the third largest city in Australia. The city with a population of two million, including the surrounding area, is the only major city on the west coast of Australia. It is about sixteen kilometers from its mouth on the Swan River. This ends in Fremantle, the city's port suburb.

Background [edit]

Perth CBD skyline (2012).
Districts in the greater Perth area.

Arriving in Perth means taking a deep breath: according to self-advertising by tourists, it is the “city of no worries.” It's a bit more relaxed here than is the case in Australia anyway. A few old churches or small houses from the 19th century can be found between the inner-city skyscrapers. Perth is the only major city in Western Australia and therefore the state's economic supply center.

The inner city consists of the Central Business District and on the other side of the main train station, -31.94609115.8554361. At the same time Chinatown, backpacker center and not overly exciting district of nightlife.

Potentially embarrassing names of districts are not mentioned in English. The rich district of Cockburn is called “Coe'burn;” in local parlance. also “Inn-a-loo” (“on the toilet” - note the second n) you don't live.

Arrival [edit]

Bali (3.5 hours flight) is closer than Melbourne (3.75 hours). It takes around seven hours to get to Singapore.

By plane

The -31.941691115.9746911 a little east of the city. The international terminal is more provincial but offers the usual overpriced services. This also includes showers in the check-in area. There are eight kilometers between the international and the national part of the airport (be sure to plan for connecting flights), which are connected by shuttle. The opening of an S-Bahn station at Terminal 1 is planned for 2020.[outdated]

In the city goes to Terminal 1 + 2 (international) Bus 960 or 380 (domestic), every half hour at the tariff for 2 zones, in 2019 that was A $ 4.95.

By train

In addition to the trans-Australian Indian Pacific, there are only long-distance trains to Australind in the south or to Kalgoorlie.

By bus

The monopoly Greyhound offers long-distance buses to northern Western Australia.

On the street [edit]

Perth is the "end of the road," no matter which direction you come from.

Mobility [edit]

Transperth rail network map (2007).

The Transperth-Tickets are valid on both trains and buses. Single tickets, there is a zone system, you buy from the driver or you buy a prepaid card, SmartRider called. This costs A $ 10, which is non-refundable, to which you load a credit. When getting in and out, the card must be held up to the reader. It is debited according to zones, of which there are nine. The daily limit is the price of a normal day pass (2017: A $ 12.60). Trips with a prepaid card are 20 percent cheaper, but with the same upper limit, so that the high chip card price does not pay for itself for short stays. Dodging costs A $ 100, you have four weeks to pay.

The four CAT-Lines in the city center can be used free of charge, they run at different intervals during the day (sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes). This service ends in the evening.

Downtown is small enough to explore on foot. You should just make sure to look for accommodation in the city center.

Local railway

The rail network has five lines named after the terminus. They are the Fremantle Line, Midland Line, Armadale Line, Joondalup Line and Mandurah Line. The central point of departure is the main train station. The trains run at regular intervals, every 10-20 minutes during the day. The trains can be very busy during commuter times, but outside of these times there are almost always enough seats available in the wagons. Security personnel keep checking the trains and platforms. There are bus stops near many train stations. It takes around 30 minutes to drive from Perth to Fremantle.

A typical example of Australian “anti social behavior” measures is shown by this sign on Transperth buses.

The city's bus system is well developed and you can also get to the city from remote campsites, for example. The nice thing about Perth: Even without local knowledge, you can venture into the city by car (and even successfully find parking spaces).

The CBD can also be reached quickly and cheaply by bus from the suburbs. There are numerous junctions where the lines cross. For the city center this is -31.956594115.8554852 or -31.950674115.857163, 557 Wellington St. near the main station. In the evening, the suburbs can often only be reached every hour, some lines end between 6 and 8 p.m. on weekdays. The last bus leaves shortly after 11 p.m. at the latest.

The buses are quite punctual, some of them a bit older, but clean and very well filled, especially during commuter times. As everywhere in Australia, the driver only stops if you make yourself noticeable by waving. Small stops are also driven past if the "next stop" button has not been pressed.


The only ferry across the Swan River shuttles every half hour from -31.957777115.8562794 to -31.971237115.8537175

Sights [edit]

Tourist info
  • -31.952995115.85883 In a futuristic kiosk in the style of the 1970s is the urban 2,. last change: not specified

Churches [edit]

Buildings [edit]

Throughout the city you can find individual old buildings that have been preserved in a niche between modern office buildings.

The skyline of the CBD can be seen from afar, so you can also see the striking buildings from Rottnest Island. The best view is from Kings Park or Southbridge on the banks of the Swan River.

An English-style building is the Teahouse on Cottesloe Beach, which can be found on many postcards.


Numerous memorials, especially for Australian soldiers killed in wars, can be found in Kings Park. Memorial plaques can be found on numerous buildings and mostly remember the builder.

Museums [edit]

Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • -31.949545115.860636Im 6 (at the north exit of the main station over a footbridge).