How can we block advertised tweets

How to block and silence ads or users on Twitter

Twitter is not a social network that takes advantage of the user and harasses him with a multitude of advertisements. We just have a list in the timeline advertised ads that take turns Time.

You name the Twitter ad service «romantic" by doing Trade media there it is not intrusive and with little commercial vocation, what is shown on a recent results report wherein Twitter estimated the presence of an ad 1.000 Timelines at $ 1.44 (1.03 euros), which is already less than 1.49 dollars (1.07 euros), which they had at this time last year.

Still there Thousands of reasons you might not want to see an ad, Fatigue, is not for you, you find it annoying, etc. The solution is very simple. We'll do the same thing as block users.


Block users

In the case of advertising or users, we have to Access your profile, once there We click on the gear That appears under the heading, where we are offered various alternatives.

In that case, I'll choose block the user, Since this is a user launching inappropriate content, it is likely that a report will be displayed about it in parallel. We'll find that it does this with a few more clicks.

This selection leads us to a screen where The user is selected to blockNotice that it is already shown in red because it is an a Action that can be undonebut it is also a Action that can be detected from the user as he will not be able to do a number of things like:

  • Add them to lists.
  • Your mentions or replies will not appear
  • Can't follow you
  • They can't see your profile picture or tag you on a photo.

As I mentioned earlier pWe can fill out a report to tell Twitter why we want to block this userThis is an action that helps us all as it helps all of us in cases like inappropriate content, spam, identity theft, etc.

in the in the event of a violation of Twitter rules We access a drop-down menu that gives us the following options:

How to unlock a user: All you have to do is go back to your user profile and click on the gear to unlock it. A blocked user has this flag.

Block User will not allow you to see sponsored ads. There is no official confirmation from Twitter. In my experience, I have stopped receiving advertisements from these brands, but I've started receiving from other brands.

Mute user

Muting a user does this Neither their tweets nor their retweets will appear on your timeline again Also, notifications will not be received if the user we silenced favorites one of our tweets.

We started Access to the sprocketUser profile silence and choose "Mute @ ...«At this point we receive a pop-up window that requires confirmation of the action and warns of the consequences.

Once silenced We can remove this feature at any time. Think of a friend who airs a soccer game. All you have to do is silence him for a couple of hours and you can speak again.

His profile is shown with the mute.


And that's it you think The information was useful?