What is the purpose of diplomacy


[French] General: Collective term for foreign policy, intergovernmental activities and international relations.

Spec .: 1) D. refers to the professional activity of representing the (economic, cultural, political, military) interests of one state in another state, of doing the necessary preparatory work and making (foreign) political decisions as well as collecting and information about foreign countries To convey reactions from abroad to the (own) state. The term D. also refers to the traffic between states and international organizations (international organizations) as well as between the international organizations themselves. Diplomats are (as a rule) officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA) who have a have special training for diplomatic service and diplomatic work. They enjoy special protection in the receiving country (immunity, in particular from police or judicial prosecution). The totality of diplomats and the permanent authority of a sending state in other states are referred to as a diplomatic mission (diplomatic representation). Existing diplomatic relations between states point to the will in principle for peaceful conflict resolution and for a mutual balance of interests. If the differences in interests worsen, the respective head of mission can be recalled; the removal of the highest representative of a state means i. d. R. the breaking off of diplomatic relations.

2) D. also describes the teaching of foreign policy advocacy and its methods.
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Source: Schubert, Klaus / Martina Klein: Das Politiklexikon. 7th, updated and exp. Edition Bonn: Dietz 2020. Licensed edition Bonn: Federal Agency for Civic Education.