What are your favorite customer service books

Branch: Awards "Hard Land" by Benedict Wells is the favorite book of the German-Swiss book trade in 2021

For the fourth time, booksellers in German-speaking Switzerland were invited to choose their current favorite book.

The book by the German-Swiss author was selected from the shortlist with five titles Benedict WellsHard land Most of the 218 booksellers who voted. For World Book Day on April 23, bookstores all over the country will be presenting this and other favorite books - including those from their customers.

All new fiction and non-fiction books published in German, including translations, which appeared in the period from April 2020 to the end of March 2021 and are available in printed form in bookshops, could be nominated as Favorite Book 2021. This year's shortlist included:

Charlotte McConaghy:Migratory birds,S. Fischer publishing house
Joachim B. Schmidt:Kalmann, Diogenes Publishing House
Benedict Wells: Hard land, Diogenes Publishing House
Iris Wolff: The blurring of the worldKlett-Cotta publishing house
Richard Wagamese: The vast heart of the landBlessing Publishing House

The "Favorite Book" campaign is an initiative of the Swiss booksellers and publishers association SBVV and is actively supported by the books blog lesefieber.ch, which the former bookseller and book lover Manuela Hofstätter has been operating with great commitment for 16 years. The Swiss book coupon, which issues the popular general book vouchers, is also part of the party.