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Alice in Wonderland: The Most Beautiful Quotes

Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland - the children's book is one of the absolute classics of world literature. The British newspaper "The Guardian" even included it in the list of 1000 must-read novels in 2009. We use quotes to show you how much wisdom there is in the story about the little girl.

Quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" about time

Alice: "I always thought that time was a thief who stole everything I love from me. But now I know that they give before they take and every day is a gift. Every hour. Every minute. Every second."

"I will never forget the horror of this moment"continued the king. - "You will forget him"said the queen, "unless you erect a memorial to him."

Quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" about life

The crazy milliner: "You can only achieve the impossible if you believe it is possible"

"Alice, you shouldn't direct your life to others. You alone have to make the decision."

Alice: "Would you please tell me how to proceed from here?" - "It depends a lot on where you want to go"said the cat.

Alice: "That's impossible..." - Hatter: "Only if you don't believe in it!"

Quotes from "Alice in Wonderland" about people

Alice: "Do you think I've lost my mind?" Father: "I'm afraid so. You are crazy, have a tit, are not quite in your head. But you know what? That makes the best!"

The hatter: "I'm not crazy. My reality is simply different from yours."