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Gut & immune system - how to easily build up your intestinal flora

Researchers now know that large parts of the immune system are located in our intestines. Trillions of beneficial bacteria ensure that everything runs like clockwork. If this delicate balance becomes imbalanced, infections will accumulate. But don't worry: With our tips you can build up your intestinal flora in a targeted manner.

Our intestines do a lot more than just digest food. Over the past 15 years, scientists have studied the previously neglected organ in depth. Today we know that our intestines are an organ of their own with important tasks relating to our immune system. The topic Build up intestinal flora has therefore gained in relevance in recent years.

Build up the intestinal flora - that's why it's so important

About 70 to 80 percent of all cells that produce antibodies are in the intestinal lining. In order to function, they need an intact intestinal flora, i.e. billions of useful bacteria. The sub-tenants will find ideal environmental conditions there with sufficient food, warmth and moisture. In return, they hardly leave any space for pathogens such as other bacteria, viruses or fungi. They break down fiber and produce vitamins that our body urgently needs. Therefore, the structure of the intestinal flora offers you a lot of health potential.

Symptoms of a disturbed intestinal flora

The bacterial community in the intestine can get out of step due to numerous environmental factors such as poor nutrition, stress or lack of sleep. Unwanted bacteria spread and displace useful germs. This can lead to different diseases:

  • More flu-like infections with inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis) or the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis),
  • blemished skin,
  • Food intolerance,
  • inflammatory bowel disease.

With these complaints you can hope for an alleviation of your complaints if you build up the intestinal flora.

Build up the intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy

Medicines can also have negative effects on the intestinal flora. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics to treat a bacterial disease, parts of our intestinal flora may also be destroyed. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea, gas or abdominal pain can occur. The drugs are essential for serious illnesses. In this case, too, prevent an attack on the intestinal flora or build it up again after taking antibiotics in order to avoid negative consequences.

Where does the research stand?

But that's not all: Scientists even found evidence that metabolic diseases and multiple sclerosis are associated with disorders of bacterial colonization. Since some of their publications refer to animal experiments, it is not yet possible to assess whether all the results also apply to the human body. A try is already worthwhile today.

Probiotic foods: natural help for the immune system in the gut

To your To strengthen the intestinal flora naturally, probiotic foods are ideal. The name comes from Latin and indicates living microorganisms. Biologically, it is lactic acid bacteria and yeast. They reach the intestines with food through our digestive tract. There they rebuild the immune system by suppressing unwanted germs. That is what is understood by the term, among other things Build up intestinal flora.

A few examples: Yakult or Actimel are probiotic drinks with special lactic acid bacteria. Many people also appreciate lactic acid fermented products such as sauerkraut or bread drink.