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Furcifer pardalis sambava


German name: Panther chameleon
Scientific name: Furcifer pardalis
Habitat: Northern half of Madagascar
Protection status: WA II


The panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is a large species of chameleon found in the northern and northeastern coastal lowlands of the island of Madagascar.

Males are 55 cm long on Madagascar and 44 cm long on Reunion, females stay smaller. Along their backs, the animals have a sloping crest made of large, closely spaced, spiky scales. The same scales can be found on the dewlap. Clear stripes (lateral stripes) can be seen along the side of the body, which contrast with the color of the body.

The color depends on the respective distribution areas. The males of the northern tip of Madagascar are particularly colorful. The females there are green with red markings. On Nosy Bé, the males are light green with white, gray, red or light blue stripes, the females are dirty yellow, gray, pink or purple. On Nosy Boraha, the panther chameleons are more gray with white stripes.


The Ambilobe males have a green basic color. Below the lateral stripe, as well as on the legs and throat, this turns into yellowish orange shades. The transverse bands are brownish red, the lateral stripe blue turquoise and the lips white.


In females, the basic color is orange with darker transverse bands. The lateral stripe and the lips are light orange. The head has a bluish scale.


Source: Wikipedia