What are trousers for?

Why you should wear suspenders


1. Why braces?
2. What are the benefits of braces?

3. The disadvantages of braces

4. What speaks for and what against braces?
5. Why you should wear suspenders

Why are suspenders better than a belt? Because that's them! We will explain this and other things you need to know about suspenders in the following post. But we are so honest and have written down some disadvantages as well. Because there are (even if only very few) some (negligible) disadvantages of suspenders. With the following arguments you are prepared for the question: Why wear suspenders? and can answer these for yourself.

Thanks to the elastic straps, suspenders are always comfortable to wear, even after a large meal. Since suspenders are much more flexible than a belt, they are much more comfortable. Suspenders are also a stylish accessory and convey self-confidence through their reliability. Suspenders are guaranteed to turn every outfit into an eye-catcher.

Why are suspenders better than a belt?

Suspenders carry their function with them in their name and are much more suitable for “wearing” trousers than a belt. This is because the waist circumference can change, which can cause a belt to slip or shift. However, the distance between the shoulders and the hips always remains the same, which is why suspenders hold trousers in place much better than a belt.

Suspenders are also more aesthetically versatile than a belt. The label for the belt is simple: the leather should be kept in the same leather or color as the shoes, the belt should also not be too light and have a small buckle. So nothing conspicuous. With suspenders, however, you can let off steam. Try suspenders in every color, design and material. And the best part about it? Pull the jacket over it and suspenders (which are too conspicuous) can no longer be seen: An easy-way-out for every precarious fashion situation. With a belt, on the other hand, there is no escape.

The benefits of braces for your outfit

Suspenders are a nice addition to any outfit. With suspenders you add style to any outfit. Even a simple pair of jeans can be upgraded in no time. Suspenders offer the wearer the opportunity to make an extra statement, similar to a tie. In addition, suspenders are a fashion statement: Be unusual!

The benefits of braces for your figure

Braces offer a number of benefits to your figure. The long vertical lines make you look longer and therefore larger. Suspenders also direct the gaze to the wearer's face and thus away from the middle part. This will make you appear taller and slimmer. (Not only) for men with a fuller figure, suspenders are therefore an ideal accessory to make the posture look smoother.

The benefits of braces for the fuller figure

Suspenders are particularly suitable for the slightly fuller figure, as they make the wearer appear longer and slimmer. In addition, if you have a larger waist size, braces are significantly more comfortable than a belt, as they are less of a pressure. A belt presses quickly on the stomach. However, suspenders are elastic, which makes them more flexible and less restrictive.

You can dance better with suspenders

Do you like to dance? Then braces are particularly advisable. With their flexibility, the suspenders hold the pants in place better than a belt, especially when moving excessively. In addition, dancers with suspenders look much more impressive and with a mazurka you can comfortably hook your thumbs under the suspenders. Reason enough to reach for the suspenders in the closet at the next party.

The benefits of braces at a wedding

Suspenders are an extremely suitable accessory for weddings, especially for the groomsman. Suspenders are not as expensive as a whole suit, but they have the same stylish and neat look. As a groom, it should be child's play to convince your groomsmen to wear suspenders. So they can wear their own suit, maintain their personal style and still radiate unity.

Suspenders for every occasion

Suspenders are actually suitable for every occasion. Since suspenders are naturally more elegant than a belt, suspenders are always one step ahead in the race. Wear suspenders at black-tie occasions, at parties or funerals, or simply when you do your shopping. Suspenders are the stylish choice for every occasion.

Suspenders for every dress size

Even though suspenders come in a variety of sizes, suspenders can last a lifetime. If you gain significant weight, you can easily adjust the braces with the buckles, after which they fit perfectly again. Suspenders are one size fits all and will fit for a lifetime, unless your upper body is unlikely to suddenly grow much longer. 

Probably the biggest disadvantage of suspenders is the extra effort when it comes to taking off your pants. This problem can be detrimental, for example, when using the toilet.

Also, braces can be a social disadvantage among drunk people. That is when a drunken bully takes offense (or feels intimidated by it) and therefore causes a stir.

Apart from these (admittedly somewhat sought after) disadvantages, braces actually only have positive properties.

The advantages of suspenders

  • Braces are reliable and always fit well
  • Suspenders are comfortable
  • Suspenders are beautiful and stylish
  • Suspenders hold pants in place better than a belt
  • Braces have a lot more aesthetic potential
  • A fashion slip in suspenders can simply be covered up with a jacket
  • Braces are noticeable and not common
  • Suspenders make the wearer appear taller
  • Suspenders make the wearer appear slimmer
  • Braces don't accentuate the hips like a belt
  • Suspenders direct the other person's gaze to the wearer's face
  • You can dance better with suspenders

The disadvantages of suspenders

  • It takes more effort to take off your pants
  • There are people who get jealous and can cause trouble

Suspenders are always the better option. The advantages of wearing suspenders are numerous, but the disadvantages can be counted on one hand. In addition, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The conclusion is obvious: suspenders are a smart choice when it comes to putting an outfit together. Suspenders make the wearer more stylish and more confident, as they know that they have made the right choice.

You wear suspenders because this is the best way to keep the pants in place. Suspenders are more comfortable than a belt and work better. In addition, suspenders give every outfit and every situation a personal touch. Suspenders are also suitable for any occasion, be it business, formal or even informal.