What do the scriptures say about homosexuality

What the Scriptures Really Say

Question: WhyadvocatesthereformedchurchhomosexualRelationshipgene,althoughyouintheBibledeclinedbecome?WhatsaystheBibleabovetheLowsofmaleandfemaleEssence,abovetheirdifferencesandthemutualComplement?

Answer: Listen to the Scriptures, I agree! In the preface to the Zurich Bible from 1531 there is the memorable sentence: "Those who only read the words of Scripture and ignore the meaning and spirit are more wrong than those who have not read them." They say the Bible is against homosexuality. Is that she? In any case, same-sex relationships are nowhere mentioned. When it comes to issues like wealth or xenophobia, the Bible rumbles on and we pretend to be deaf.

The love between two grown men - not to mention women - is simply not an issue or at best a biblical whisper. And we turn it into a topic that divides churches. Wherever homosexual practices are explicitly condemned, it is about rape (Dt 19.5), temple prostitution (Dt 23.18), cultic impurity (Lev 18.22) or sex with boys (1. Cor 6.9). There is nothing to advocate here. Rather, the Reformed Church says yes - in the spirit of the Gospel - to people who are sexually different and who have therefore long been criminalized or declared sick.

For me this is no reason to deny the depth of the gender difference. The love between man and woman is a parable for the love between Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:31). In the creation story there is the top sentence (Gen 1:27): "God created man in his own image, male and female he created them." Have we really understood the revolutionary depth of this statement if we derive a ban on same-sex sex from it? It is said of Christ, the image of God, that in him there is neither man nor woman, nor Jew, nor pagan (Gal 3:28). So it also applies: In him there is neither homosexual nor heterosexual. I mean, this interpretation pays attention to the mind and spirit of Scripture.