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Humans almost entirely responsible for global warming

Scientists believe that it is still possible to achieve the Paris climate targets.

Almost all of the global warming since the beginning of the industrial age has been caused by humans, according to a study. Calculations have shown that the emission of greenhouse gases as a result of human activity has caused temperatures to rise by 0.9 to 1.3 degrees Celsius since the mid-19th century, wrote a research team in an article published on Monday in the journal "Nature Climate Change" . This corresponds roughly to the total measured global warming.

For the study, the scientists compared three different scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 150 years using model calculations. In the first scenario, they calculated the effects that only the existing particles had on temperatures - without additional natural events such as volcanic eruptions or human activities.

In the second scenario, they also included the natural consequences of changes in solar radiation, among other things. In the third scenario, human greenhouse gas emissions, for example in the form of CO2 from industry or traffic, were included in the calculation.

The results showed that "global warming is mainly caused by humans," said Canadian climate researcher Nathan Gillet. Should the human contribution to climate change, however, move in the lower part of the calculated scale between 0.9 and 1.3 degrees of temperature rise, there is still hope that the goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement will be achieved. The agreement stipulates that the global temperature rise should be limited to less than two degrees.