What is responsible for the popularity of Overwatchs

Well-known Youtubers: "Overwatch has the lowest popularity level"? Your opinion?

With all the games across the board, players who don't stick with one title for long are by far the largest number. It is to be expected that these players will move on. These players are and have never been decisive for the functioning of a game and its community. Basically, they are nothing more than a temporary buff for the other players (for example by ensuring shorter waiting times) and a welcome source of income for publishers.

Only a part of these players are interested in streaming, but since they still make up the largest part of all players, they still make up a significant proportion of the viewers.
For many players and Youtubers, these viewers are important and if they migrate, then the “content creators” will consciously or unconsciously also change the game, or even stop completely. From their point of view, the game is losing popularity as its viewers are getting fewer, so they will also give this as a reason (sometimes together with other reasons).

However, this does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the actual core of the players, i.e. those who stay longer with a game. You can also not deduce the quality of a game with it. Blizzard games in particular have a comparatively strong core and gain in overall quality over time (even if you don't like individual implementations) and have content updates over a long period of time. Neither the decline in gaming nomads nor streamers and youtubers changes that.

In the end, it is not at all helpful to worry about whether a game is popular and what streamers and Youtubers think about it. As long as there is a functioning community (if you are interested in guides and the like), queues are appropriate and you have fun with a game, you shouldn't let others stop you from playing a game.
You shouldn't let yourself be influenced by streamers in particular, because (consciously or unconsciously) they make their old game bad because their viewers don't blame them for changing the game and possibly following them to the next game . The focus here is more on your own future success than a realistic protection of the situation. Sure, who likes to do without additional sources of income?

My impression is that the majority of game apocalyptics would like to be game nomads themselves, but worry about breaking with a popular game and therefore seek confirmation.