Is Islam a male dominated religion?

Faith Practice

In Islam

The Koran is based on gender equality. In the Qur'anic creation story it is said that God created man out of a single substance.

Man and woman in the Koran

“You humans, fear your rabb (Creator), Who created you from a single substance; and from this He created the corresponding partner being, and from the two He made many men and women arise. And fear God, in whose name you ask one another, as well as (in the name of your) consanguinity. Indeed, Allah watches over you. "(Quran 4: 1)

In the Koran, the burden of responsibility for leaving paradise is not placed on one gender alone.1 In many other places in the Koran, the equality of human beings is emphasized through the creation of creatures. If all people are created from the same substance, they are equal and equal as creatures, that is, no one can rise above the other.

God always emphasizes that he is close to people2 and has committed himself to mercy3 without giving preference to any particular group or community. Just as the equality of all human beings as God's creatures is emphasized, the equality of the sexes is also mentioned in many places. Women are considered to be equal to men in their being (see verse 4: 1). The same demands are placed on them and they are promised the same wages. This equality of the sexes can be proven with the following quotations from the Koran:

“The Muslim men and women, the believing men and the believing women, the obedient men and the obedient women, the honest men and the honest women, the patient men and the patient women, the humble men and the humble women, the Men who give alms and the women who give alms, the men who fast and the women who fast, the men who keep their chastity and the women who keep their chastity, the men who keep Allah frequent remember, and the women who remember (Allah often) - Allah has given them (all) forgiveness and great reward ”(Quran 33:35)

“And the believing men and the believing women are one another's protectors: they command good and forbid evil and establish prayer and pay zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger. It is them whom Allah will have mercy on. Allah is Exalted, All Wise. "(Quran 9:71)

“... The men should get their share according to their earnings, and the women should get their share according to their earnings. And ask Allah for His mercy. Allah has perfect knowledge of all things ”(Quran 4:32)