An IB curriculum is offered in Pakistan

Where peace and sustainability are on the curriculum

The 22 year old Ming Kanlongtham from Thailand was one of the pioneers of the first grade in 2014. At the UWC he was particularly impressed by how “everyone here takes on responsibility - for themselves, for others and the environment.” Today Ming is studying international relations in Tokyo. Ming moved back to Freiburg for a semester abroad.

For the 21 year old Natali Kasem from Syria it is clear: “The people here make up part of my personality.” Natali, who graduated from UWC in 2017, is now studying medicine at the University of Freiburg.

“I didn't know how different the world was outside of Pakistan,” recalls the 18-year-old Arham Hashmi from Karachi to his first time in Freiburg. The Pakistani made the closest friendships with students from India. This enables what has been difficult for decades between neighboring Pakistan and India on campus. Since graduating that summer, Arham has been studying psychology, literature and creative writing in the United States.

The UWC Robert Bosch College is one of the youngest schools in the network of 18 United World Colleges that exist worldwide. They are all based on a special school concept: Young people from all over the world and from all social classes live and learn together for two years in an environment that promotes tolerance and intercultural understanding. The Robert Bosch Foundation and the German Foundation UWC founded the international high school in 2014 with the aim of bringing people from different nations together through education and thus contributing to a more peaceful world in the long term. There are 200 places at UWC Robert Bosch College, and 100 students are accepted per year. The students of a UWC are selected solely on the basis of aptitude and ability. A scholarship program ensures that all students can afford to attend school.