How does eBay have such cheap products

eBay alternatives 2021 for bargain hunters and hobby retailers

The still young online marketplace app has existed since 2017 and has since been downloaded around 100,000 times. Around 150,000 users frequent the shop, which also exists as a browser version. When it was founded, the start-up presented itself as a more user-friendly eBay alternative. The cornerstones of the sales platform include security (Trusted Shop rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars), uncomplicated delivery and ease of use. Registration and advertisements are free. Just when selling, the seller bears a commission of 2.5percent the selling price. The founders responded to user feedback: sellers can now choose who pays the shipping costs - they themselves, the buyer, or both. enables commercial sellers to create their own Connect the online shop via an API or omnichannel partner. You upload articles manually or as a bulk CSV upload. The shop page is free for them too. There is a service fee of 4.5 percent and a payment fee of 1.5 percent for a sale. The alternative to eBay verifies its merchants to keep fraudsters out. In addition, she advises on legal issues and refers to her legal protection partners, who can prepare the necessary legal texts for a fee.

Although the catalog is nowhere near as extensive as that of eBay or other competitors, there is a certain selection in every category, from tested electronics to sporting goods, fashion, media and art to motor vehicles. Some practical filters like condition or brand and the Area search refine the result list. There is one for bargain hunters Under 20 euro category, which brings together particularly inexpensive items from various product groups. If you want to continue your search at the same point later, you can save the search settings.

You can see the products in the results list in a map view with a preview image, description, brief information and price. On the detailed product page, retailers provide information about the goods and key data on the sales process. Instead of an auction like on eBay, there is one Fixed pricethat you can do with a Price proposal can negotiate if necessary. Sellers either send their goods themselves or use the Shipping service of the marketplace without surcharge. A public chat is available for questions. If a user buys a product, the platform stores the payment on one E-wallet. Only when the goods have arrived and have not been objected to does the platform release payment for the seller.

Special features:

  • Designed as an app for mobile use
  • Tested electronics on offer
  • Bargain category and price proposal for brisk trade
  • Shipping and payment service ensure more security