Why don't lasers work on LCD screens

Samsung Pointer can also be used for presentations on displays

Many a speaker experience an unpleasant surprise with standard laser pointers when the presentation is shown on an LCD monitor or large format display: The point is not visible on the screen because the laser beams are absorbed. Samsung offers a practical solution for this with the new MagicPresenter. The MagicPresenter transmits the signal by radio to the PC, which then displays the point or arrow in the image. This means that the display function can be used flexibly for digital presentations on monitors, TV sets or screen projectors.

Samsung MagicPresenter (Image: Samsung)

The connection with the PC takes place via the radio technology Bluetooth and a corresponding USB dongle for receiving the signals. Since the advertisement is transmitted directly with the image, it is independent of the presentation technology. While the light point of a laser pointer is not displayed on LCD displays, transmission with the MagicPresenter is also possible on LCD, LED and PDP panels. By doing without laser technology, the MagicPresenter is also harmless to the human eye.

With the MagicPresenter, the presenter receives another important advantage: he can maintain eye contact with the audience while pointing at a section of the image. Because he does not have to point the pointer at the presentation area, but can also mark the point on his PC or notebook. Teachers and lecturers in particular, but also sales staff or motivational trainers, can thus observe and respond to the reactions of the audience at any time.

While commercially available laser pointers usually only generate a simple red point, the color, size, shape and speed of the pointer with the Samsung solution can be individually adjusted. On the one hand, personal preferences can be taken into account and, on the other hand, better visibility is guaranteed. This is especially important for presentations on tall screens in large rooms. A thick blue arrow is easier to see than a thin laser point in difficult lighting conditions. The color of the marker can be adjusted so that it contrasts as well as possible with the background color of the presentation. If the screen is further away in a lecture hall or event hall, this is also no problem with the MagicPresenter: the range is up to 10 meters.

The MagicPresenter offers a special feature in combination with the Large Format Displays (LFDs) of the new Samsung D series: With the DHD, DBD and DMD models, users can connect the USB dongle directly to the display, which means that no PC is required for the presentation is - because the presentation can also be played directly on the display thanks to System on Chip 2.0. This saves an additional technical component.

The Samsung MagicPresenter is now available in stores for 79 euros (RRP including VAT) including a USB dongle.

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