FIFA 19 is really worth it

FIFA 19 in the test: the new FIFA really is that good!

Champions League, new modes, better tactical options: In FIFA 19, football fans are left with little to be desired, only one new feature initially causes frustration. How good is the new FIFA really? The SPORT BUZZER does the test.

Juventus Turin versus Hamburger SV: Cristiano Ronaldo is alone in front of goalkeeper Julian Pollersbeck after a fine solo. The gate is only a matter of form. But what is it? Ronaldo's shot is just a shot. The ball rolls into the arms of the HSV goalkeeper - no goal! What would seem like a joke in real life is an annoying scene that you will come across a lot in FIFA 19, especially at the start of the game. Whether the striker is called Ronaldo or a third division attacker:Closing timing could become one of the most controversial new features in FIFA history.

FIFA 19 is doing a lot right: For years, every FIFA has played almost exactly like its predecessor. Maybe the graphics will be improved a bit or a few new ways to play will be added to the popular Ultimate Team mode. This year, however, it's completely different: Developer EA Sports has tweaked the gameplay. It almost feels like soccer. The fact that EA has finally secured the Champions League and Europa League license from competitor Pro Evolution Soccer - and that you can finally play in the top tier in the largely unchanged career mode is just the icing on the cake. Even if the competitions, including the original graphics (and in English even with extra commentators), are imposing.

The top 100 players in FIFA 19

Among other things, DFB star Marco Reus is one of the top 100 players in FIFA 19. The SPORTBUZZER shows in the gallery which players have made it into the best and which values ​​their FUT cards have - click through! ©

Long-range goals only with final timing?

One reason for the new game depth is the aforementioned "final timing". As soon as you shoot, a small mini-game begins in real time: press the shot button again at the same moment that your virtual player touches the ball. If you've done everything right, your player lets go of such a heavy shot that the ball goes into the net or the keeper can usually only let the ball ricochet off. If you press at the wrong moment, the ball will either go well off you will fire a bullet. If you press the button only once as usual, you shoot normally.

However, we have the feeling that the normal shot was pretty much defused.There are significantly fewer long-range hits. Even in the penalty area it is difficult to hit with a normal shot - also because the keepers are better than in FIFA 18. The "foot defense" ability no longer has as much influence as in the predecessor. Games with more than five hits are rare, even against weak players.

The so-called "Timed Finishing" can be a hurdle, especially for beginners. If you press the shot button twice by mistake or out of haste (for example, with a cross pass in front of the goal), it is not uncommon for even the best striker to shoot the ball from three meters away. The feature can be easily turned off under the control options even in online mode - but you have to live with the weaker shot. So you have to decide whether you want to take the shot risk. A tactical skill component that the FIFA series was missing.

New: Adjust tactic variants in real time

Speaking of tactics: Thanks to the new "Dynamic Tactics" feature, you can now switch between five game systems at the push of a button in the game. Where you previously had prefabricated systems for the D-pad options from "very defensive" to "total offensive", you can now put together formations that have been planned down to the last detail in the line-up menu before kick-off. Each tactical approach combines formations, mentalities and offensive / defensive play styles, so that you can easily tailor your play style in any situation.

And that is also necessary: Because FIFA 19 is much more dogged on the pitch. There are more ball losses in midfield - for example, due to stopping errors or ricochets in duels, which occur much more frequently this year. Every duel is a new challenge. The shield button is extremely important in FIFA 19. The "Active Touch System" is also not as noticeable as we thought when we announced it: Although it is now possible for players with a high star rating for special movements to briefly touch (patch) the ball via the right stick, with strong pressing you can disenchant star players relatively easily.

Game without rules? Now possible in FIFA 19!

As realistically as football is depicted in FIFA 19 - you can design it yourself so unrealistic. Together with friends, the new FIFA becomes a party cracker. The new kick-off mode offers new modes for local play such as home and return matches and even a game without rules. You can also replay all cup final games. You will also get a detailed analysis against other players or the computer. If you create your own kick-off name and save the data on the EA server, you can take your kick-off progress with you wherever you play FIFA 19. It has to be the same console platform, however. Local crossplay is not possible. You can find more about the new impetus and its variations here!

For single players, the focus is probably on the last part of the saga about Alex Hunter: In the story mode "The Journey: Champions" you boost the careers of Hunter, his friend Danny Williams and - new - his half-sister Kim in the US women's national team at. Unfortunately, not much has changed in terms of the gameplay. You plow your way from training to game, perform special tasks and continue writing the story yourself with your decisions. It's a shame: If you keep losing, you don't get a different story, but have to reload your savegame to keep playing until you make it. In addition, the decisions only have an impact on the cinematic heavily arranged cutscenes.

All confirmed icons in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team: We present you all the confirmed icons of FIFA 19! ©

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: New icons, new mode - a lot of tried and tested

In the new FUT, EA is primarily concentrating on the new Champions League license: For the first time, the mode is included in a FIFA main game - and this is one of the reasons why new FUT icons have been added with Steven Gerrard, Raúl or Rivaldo, which make history in the royal class Have written. With the new new FUT object type "Player choice" you can design your team structure even more according to your wishes. With each player selection you can choose an object for your team from up to five player objects. Since you can only keep one object, you should carefully consider your decision.

The centerpiece is the new "Division Rivals" mode - here you and your team can meet other players of similar strength online in a league. At the end of the season you can secure valuable weekly bonuses. The higher the league in which you play, the more valuable your bonuses will be. You can also qualify for the Weekend League via "Divison Rivals". The online seasons from FIFA 18 are no longer applicable. Our conclusion. A mode that makes FUT much more dogged - every game now has even greater value because the bonuses get worse if you get relegated.You can find out more about the new features of FUT 19 here!

All the new cheers in FIFA 19 - with instructions!

The new features in FIFA 19 also include new cheers with which you can celebrate your goals. Some are tied to specific players, others you can use in general. The SPORTSBUZZER gives an overview of all the new cheers and shows you how to do them! ©

Conclusion: FIFA 19 is probably the most complete FIFA in history. The sheer licensing force has always been an argument in favor of FIFA and against competitor Pro Evolution Soccer. EA Sports has also been catching up in terms of gameplay for years. With FIFA 19, the developers dared to step out of their comfort zone for the first time: New shots, better tactical options, more control over their own game via "Active Touch". In addition, the game plays much more smoothly than its predecessor. The new kick-off modes also make games with friends much more fun and varied than before. If EA Sports is still working on the rigid career mode in the successor and gives the players even more opportunities to influence the story themselves in story mode, we can no longer wait for FIFA 20.

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch