Can I study agriculture without physics

Study agricultural sciences

Are you interested in how food to be produced? How can this be done efficiently but in a way that conserves resources? Then is a Agricultural studies just right. Everything revolves around T hereiere and plants, the Production of food and the marketing of these products.

Agricultural science courses deal with scientific and practically with the Food production for humans and animals. But it's not just about To produce foodbut above all efficient and environmentally friendly to do. keyword Resource conservation. In addition to the production of food is also the Marketing the products part of Curricula.


A agricultural studies is broad in terms of content. Expect you scientific and economic knowledge, but also legal and political topics. In the basic course you will mainly deal with the Basics of plant andAnimal science, chemistry, mathematics and statistics employ.

As a student on an agricultural science course, you will also be included in the agricultural management, Soil science and Agricultural engineering introduced. In higher semesters as well as in master's degree do you have the opportunity Specialization and options to use to specialized know-how to acquire. With this expertise, you will hone your individual professional profile. That is the best prerequisite for the Career entry and increases your Job opportunities.

While you're in Bachelor degree mainly scientific foundations consolidate or supplement and Insights into practice collect, awaits you in the master's degreeextensive specialist knowledge and the Consolidation of content from that of you chosen subject. In addition, you will acquire the ability to work scientifically and scientific knowledge at home and abroad apply. Always more Master's degree in agricultural science will be in English language offered.

Bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences

The Duration of the bachelor's degree Agricultural sciences amounts six semesters. The curricula include scientific, economic, technical and agricultural policy basics. In most bachelor's programs, students choose the higher semesters one main emphasis, for example Crop Science, Livestock Science, Economics and social sciences in agriculture or Resource management.

While studying is usually a internship lasting several weeks to graduate, too practical experience before starting your studies is a requirement at some universities. A Several weeks of pre-study internship you need, for example, to study at the University of Hohenheim, the University of Kiel and the University of Rostock. Some universities also offer courses before the start of the course Preliminary courses in subjects such as chemistry, mathematics and physics. You can do this as a Prepare for a good start use in the course of study.

Agricultural master's degree

The Normal period for one Agricultural master's degree is at most universities four semesters. During this time, the students should do more in-depth, agricultural science Knowledge, theories, methods and procedures acquire. A master’s degree in agricultural sciences enables one to do activity in the Research and advice, in Offices and Authorities as well as to (Management) functions in Industrial companies and agricultural company.

Many master’s degrees are aimed at one Focus specialized and deal specifically with, for example Resource management, rural development or that Agricultural management.

Overview of the universities

You can do your Bachelor's or Master's degree in agricultural sciences start:

Humboldt University Berlin

Georg-August-University Goettingen

Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

University of Hohenheim

Christian Albrechts University in Kiel

University of Rostock

Technical University of Munich

Justus-Liebig university of Giessen

University of Bonn

Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Employment opportunities

The career opportunities after studying agricultural science are very diverse. Companies in the green sector are particularly popular with graduates. Here you have the opportunity at Seed, Phytosanitary and Fertilizer manufacturers, Agricultural machinery manufacturers or in the Food industry to take action. But there are also possible employers agricultural associations and Organizations, Research institutes as Consulting houses.

You are spoiled for choice: with the Choice of your job are your Interests and Strengthen asked. Do you want whole close to agriculture work, then an occupation is at large scenic production drives or maybe im own farm possible.

The entry into the is more theoretical Civil Service. Here, for example, you work at Offices for Agriculture, in Ministries or at Environmental or land consolidation offices. You realize, it depends on you!

Best to do it already during the study and the different modules thoughts, which Topics interest you more and which Activities that you enjoy would. This makes answering the question of where you should go in general for your job easier, so that the Career choice no torture for you is. Whether with a bachelor's or master's degree, the career prospects for graduates are good.

Agricultural science isn't your thing, is it? Then take a look at them courses Nutritional sciences, environmental engineering or agricultural engineering.

But no studies? No problem either! Interesting green apprenticeships for you could be the farmer, the plant technologist or the animal farmer. You can get an overview of interesting employers and professional fields at agrajo.

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Author: The agrajo editorial team, revised by Dagmar Pfeiffer