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In this Ayurveda training you will get to know and apply Abhyanga massage. Abhyanga, the traditional Ayurveda full body massage, combines several therapeutic techniques in a harmoniously flowing way, which serve to heal and keep the body healthy.

For the Abhyanga massage, traditionally produced highly effective medicinal oil preparations are used in this Ayurveda training.
The Abhyanga massage loosens, stimulates, relaxes and regulates the skin, muscles, joints and nerve tissue.

In this training you will learn about targeted, even strokes that activate the lymphatic system and promote detoxification of the body.
In this Ayurveda massage training you will acquire knowledge of special grips that work on deeper organs and tissue layers, such as the intestines, lungs and spinal cord. The skin quickly regains its youthfulness and elasticity through regular use of oil. The Ayurveda massage has a positive effect on the general well-being and the psyche. Inner balance, health and contentment can return.

In this Ayurveda massage training you will study how the Abhyanga massage with its various forms addresses the body on the subtle level.
The Marma points are also taken into account in the training. Touching these points creates the unity of body and higher consciousness and thus releases the information for self-healing.

Contents and topics of the Ayurveda massage training:
- Basics of Ayurveda: Tri-Dosha teaching, Ayurveda nutritional recommendations (Ahara), Ayurvedic way of life (Dinacharya), introduction to various cleaning methods from Ayurveda
- Abhyanga massage technique in theory and practice
- Single and synchronous full body massage
- Basic knowledge of anatomy
- Selection of the right oils for the Abhyanga massage
- Preparation of the working environment
- the individual approach to the customer
- Training of perception and sensitivity
- Aspects of the subtle work on the body, such as prana, energy body, inner intelligence and naturalness

Conditions of participation for the training: Basic knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation required. This training is also suitable as Ayurveda further education for already trained Ayurveda health consultants or Ayurveda therapists.

Certificate of Ayurveda massage training: Ayurveda masseur (BYVG) of the professional association of Yoga Vidya health advisors, course instructors and therapists. Approx. 168 teaching units. Recognized as educational leave in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Saarland.