How was the presidency of Jimmy Carters

Jimmy Carter - from hapless president to lucky guy

The American president, who was voted out of the country in 1980, seems to be proof of the balancing justice that life sometimes holds. Luckily in politics, Carter is a very special record holder today.

At a recent public appearance, former American President Jimmy Carter presented himself with injuries to his face - the consequences of a fall in his home. The bruise around his left eye was clearly visible, a bandage covering the area where the wound had to be sewn for him. But despite the mishap, the broad smile that had once animated cartoonists so immensely was there again. Quite a few Americans who saw pictures of the happy convalescent may have asked themselves: How long was that actually, the time with the 39th President? Some may even have been surprised that it still exists - Carter is too closely associated with a distant era, a time when American presidents were symbols of dignity and courtesy, even if politically distant from them.

Carter was noticeably fine, even though he had fallen for the third time this year. The injuries did not prevent him from appearing at an event of his humanitarian project Habitat for Humanity. Neither did they prevent him from returning to Sunday school at Marantha Baptist Church in the small town of Plains, Georgia, as he has done frequently for many years.

Carter seems to be evidence of the compensatory justice that life sometimes holds in store. Historians consider his presidency from 1977 to 1981 to be one of the worse. Even during his term of office he was associated with the term "malaise" because of the difficult economic situation; His final fate was the hostage-taking of American diplomats in Iran. After only one term, the Americans voted him out. But he is now a record holder: At 95 years of age, he surpasses all previous presidents in terms of lifespan, and his marriage is the longest of any president (73 years). What's even more fascinating is that Carter, who was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor in 2015, is now cancer-free. He's a lucky guy - not in the White House, but in his life afterwards.

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