What is your favorite large breed of dog

8 loving dog breeds

We think all dog breeds are absolutely lovable, but some dogs are particularly loving animals.

Last update: 07 February, 2018

Some particularly bear the title “man's best friend” loving Four-legged friends rightly and do me all honor.

These loyal and responsible companions would do anything for their beloved master or mistress without expecting anything in return. They also give their family an incredible amount of love, which is why they are ideal for children.

Dog lovers take these loving dogs into their families as lifelong companions and give them a beautiful home. For these people, there is no more loving dog than their own.

Some breeds are characterized by their aptitude for hard work or hunting, while others are characterized by their warmth and loving Art.

Particularly loving dog breeds

Mixed breed dogs

For many people, there are no animals more grateful than those who have been rescued.

Dogs without a pedigree are usually said to have an "unclean" character, therefore, they are less popular with some people than some purebred dogs. Fortunately, not all people think that way.

Because as soon as these loving dogs get the missing protection and the longed-for love from their new owners, this love multiplies many times over. Plus, they'll be grateful to their Savior for a lifetime.

Golden retriever

This breed is not only graceful and very similar to a teddy bear, it is also a particularly loving and friendly animal.

The Golden Retriever is very patient and calm,however, can also be nervous and hyperactive in certain situations.He is gentle, even towards strangers, so he is not necessarily suitable as a watchdog.

His relationship with children and other pets is incomparable. Many golden retrievers never tire of playing. For many there is therefore the Golden Retriever first on the list of particularly loving dogs.


The dogs of this breed are often very restless, but also very flexible. They are especially good as guard dogs. If Bochser dogs grow up in a relaxed environment and in the company of children, they are usually funny and loving pets.

With some boxers, you'd think they'd never grow up: They love the game and want to lick their owners' faces all the time.


This breed is a small and sociable dog that is absolutely loyal to their family. You can easily adapt to life in a small apartment or even in a house with a large plot of land.

Pugs are also very playful and therefore get along very well with children. Without previous physical abuse, it is very rare for these animals to behave aggressively. If you feel an impending danger for yourself or your family, react promptly and defend your entire pack.

A healthy and well-groomed pug always gives the feeling of living in an unshakable state of happiness.

Yorkshire Terrier

This breed of dog is one of the smallest in the world. And they are also some of the cutest dogs.

Despite their small size, these dogs are always vigilant and can bark unstoppably and even get really naughty in the process. Undoubtedly, this behavior can be improved with good training and a little patience (these dogs are very intelligent).

Yorkshire Terriers are loving dogs who are tireless when it comes to playing. They particularly enjoy extensive caresses and they like to be given new hairstyles.

Regular walks and free running in nature are also among her favorite pastimes.

German shepherd dog

In contrast to the Yorkshire Terrier, the German Shepherd is a large and imposing dog that has a reputation for being brave on the one hand, but also capricious on the other.

This breed of dog is a friendly, content and affectionate animal, but it is also an excellent guard dog.

He owes his popularity primarily to his obedience. He does not question the instructions of his master and is also very easy to train.

Within the family German Shepherds offer protection and affection for young children and almost treat them as if they were their own boys.

St. Bernard

They are huge and have hearts that are at least the same size.

Thanks to his infinite patience and inexhaustible kindness, the St. Bernard is the world's best babysitter on four paws. His tolerance for babies and young children is nothing short of admirable.

These dogs are usually quite easy to raise and they take great pleasure in following the instructions of their masters.

They are also ideal as guard and protection dogs. In this task, they benefit from their imposing and intimidating demeanor.

Labrador Retriever

Together with the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever is at the top of the list of the most loving dogs worldwide.

The Labrador lives happily with children and adults and adapts to a life both in small apartments and in large and spacious houses. He loves long walks (including holidays in the country, on the beach or in the mountains) and lots of exercise, but also enjoys the tranquility of his home.

These dogs are easy to train and respond to positive reinforcement like no other breed.

They are perfect as guard dogs, guide dogs, police dogs and detection dogs. They are also often used for therapeutic purposes and with patients who need different types of support.