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Translation of "behind it" in spanish

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está detrás de esto


We all know your queen is behind it, Northman.
When they find out that Carter is behind it, only one number will come. Your.
So who? is behind it, tricked Chambers and used Frank to do it.
My instinct tells me that my father is is behind it.
I'll find out once and for all if Wyatt is behind it.
We'll never find out who really is is behind it.
whoever is behind itcould endanger everything.
who else is behind itis very mysterious.
If he is behind it, he is found and hanged.
We know one of you is behind it.
Whoever is behind it, shouldn't have that power over me.
I believe that he is behind itand I'll gather evidence to bring him to you.
whoever is behind it probably monitoring them.
Sam, is behind it a lesson.
I bet Henry is behind it.
When McCullough is behind it, we have a lead.
Si McCullough está tirando de las cuerdas entonces podemos tener una pista de la orquídea.
But I got the idea that an important foreign power is behind it.
Pero tengo una idea bastante perspicaz ... de que una potencia extranjera está detrás de todo esto.
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