What are the functions of a smartphone

Android Crash Course: Basic Features Everyone Should Know

Do you have a new smartphone from Samsung, Sony, LG or HTC? Then it will probably run on Google's Android operating system. We'll show you how to use Android correctly, access thousands of free programs and protect your smartphone from hackers and data thieves.

Download Android apps

Apps is short for applications - applications that you can use to add new functions to your Android smartphone. These can be small tools such as a compass or a spirit level, but also more complex office applications such as word processing or games of all kinds.

Over 1 million of these apps are in Google's download database, the Play Store. So that you can keep track of things, the directory can be searched or sorted according to different categories. You can download the apps you find directly and install them on your smartphone. We'll show you how this works in our photo show, downloading and starting apps.

Set the Android smartphone correctly

When shipped from the factory, the Android smartphone has a solid basic setting that you can use to get started right away. However, the default settings offer little individuality. If you want to give the user interface of your smartphone a personal touch, you have to adjust the settings.

You will find numerous options for this in the menus. Ease of use can also be increased in this way. You can find out where you can find the most interesting settings in our photo show Important settings for Android smartphones.

Android tips: install Android update - only where?

Android devices also offer a lot of hidden functions that make living and working with the smartphone safe and convenient. For example, if you want to refer an unwelcome caller directly to your mailbox, you have to click on the entry in the contact management for several seconds. A trick that many Android users are not familiar with.

If, on the other hand, you want to install an Android update, determine the Android version or switch between Android apps, you also need to know the corresponding menus. We'll tell you these tricks and a few more in the photo show The Best Android Tips.

Set Android security properly

Like all internet-enabled devices, smartphones are susceptible to Trojans, viruses and other hacker attacks. Security experts rate the structure of Android a little worse than Apple's iOS. The main problem: Unlike Apple, Google does not control the apps that are offered through its own store. This makes it easier for hackers to install malicious code on Android devices via manipulated apps.

Our photo show How to secure your Android smartphone shows you how to secure your Android smartphone. We have put together more practical tips for the correct use of apps in the guide Making smartphones safe.