What is a pallet of paper

Thu May 9, 2013, 3:08 pm

There are two very different pallet sizes in the paper sector.

Paper palette
It bears a standard weight of 500 kg of paper.
This means that a full pallet of 80g / m² paper can carry 100,000 sheets of A4 paper.
With A3 paper of the same weight, that is 50,000 sheets.
With A5 paper it is then 200,000 sheets

With papers lighter than 80g / m² there are correspondingly more sheets of paper and with heavier papers there are fewer sheets per plate.
The limit for the quantity is always the load-bearing capacity of the pallet.

The standard packing method for a paper pallet is 40 boxes of A4 paper.
Depending on the dimensions, they are packed in 5 layers of 8 boxes each.

The "paper palette" is "the norm" for office papers.
Format papers are transported on somewhat larger pallets, which are, however, only marginally more stable.

Paper pallets are one-way pallets. They are not connected to an exchange system and are not standardized. The customer can therefore "freely use" them. In the event of a delivery of goods, he does not have to return an exchange pallet or pay for the pallet received.

The wood of paper pallets is not specially treated. It is so-called "raw wood" that has not been made extra durable. As a rule, it can therefore also be used for heating (if you can).

Euro pallet
While it is generally the "exchange standard", it plays a subordinate role in the paper industry. She is the "exception".
Up to 2 tons of material can be transported on a euro pallet.

In the case of a paper delivery, it contains 120,000 sheets of A4 paper with 80g / sqm.
Due to its higher load capacity, it is also used more often when it comes to papers with higher grammages.

Otherwise you can almost count on your 10 fingers which papers are packed on Euro pallets at the factory.

Since Euro pallets are connected to an exchange system, an "exchange pallet" is required upon delivery or the pallet is invoiced.


While railway wagons and "normal trucks" are standardized for the transport of euro pallets, "special paper trucks" are geared towards the transport of paper pallets.
These are not 40-ton trucks, but "small 18 ton trucks".
This also has to do with the fact that a "paper truck" is only used from the distribution center and then has to "fight through" where a 40-tonne truck would have problems.
Paper is heavy. Thanks to the small paper pallets and correspondingly small structures, you can keep the vehicle sizes so small that you can still deliver in city centers, where otherwise only 7.5-ton trucks can be seen.

As everywhere in logistics, there are "practical reasons" why "paper is something special".

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