How is golf as a career

Play golf for your career

If you want to make a career, you should hit the grass: playing golf is the best opportunity to meet interesting people, to establish networks and to present yourself in the best possible light.

"Where else do you have the chance to get to know someone for several hours in a relaxed atmosphere?" Anke Quittschau, trainer for modern manners and a passionate golfer herself, knows about the advantages of the sport with the little white ball: "During the game of golf you learn a lot about the way your teammates act and think." How does the other deal with crisis situations - does he stay calm or does he get upset quickly? Is he courteous, for example by helping his teammate to find the ball? He shows on the square Team skills or does he prefer to play his game alone? All of this suggests a person's character, and much of what he shows of himself on the lawn allows conclusions to be drawn about his behavior in the office. "It is not uncommon for headhunters to invite potential candidates to play golf in order to get to know them better," says Anke Quittschau.

Rules of the game of golf
Accordingly, one should familiarize oneself with the rules of conduct when golfing in advance. The owner of the seminar institute "correct!" mentions one of the most important: "Job topics are taboo on the pitch." In any case, there is not much talk during the game, because everyone prefers to concentrate on the next tee. There is time for small talk afterwards at the "19th hole" - namely at the bar. "This is the opportunity to discuss your professional concerns, exchange business cards and possibly make an appointment for a professional meeting." Another faux pas: cell phones on the green. "There is nothing worse than when the cell phone rings in between," says Anke Quittschau. Punctual appearance as well as knowing and observing the golf rules should of course also be a matter of course. And last but not least, the dress code must be observed: deep necklines for women or too short trousers for men are not welcome at all.

During a round of golf there are usually several people, so-called flights, in groups of two to four people. "This gives the inviting party the chance to bring people together inconspicuously," explains the behavior trainer. "In this way, sales staff can meet new customers, and a manager can meet a promising candidate." The good thing about the game is that people with different skill levels - called handicaps - can play together. An unspoken rule is: The other person’s style of play is not commented on. "Tips for a better game should only be given if specifically requested," warns Anke Quittschau. If you need training, you should practice your turns and strokes in advance on the driving range, a special area, in order to shine on the course later.

Leave a good impression
Whether as an invitation from a headhunter, as a casual flight with the boss or during business after-work golf, i.e. the informal meeting after work: "The golf course can definitely be a good job market," the behavior expert is convinced. Those who adhere to the official and unspoken rules and also show themselves from their best side are sure to leave a lasting good impression on their counterparts.
By Sabine Olschner