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HISTORY GHistory is what happens in time and space. In a broader sense, it includes geological and natural history, in a narrower sense human history, but also economic, social, intellectual and cultural history. Every single human activity can be viewed historically (history of medicine, language, literature, art). History as a science researches changes methodically, on the basis of critically secured traditions.

HISTORY 1 The First World War is considered to be the first ■ tank “modern” war in history. Which ■ chemical weapons did Germany use for the first time in weapons used in the battle of Ypres? ■ Airplanes ■ Airships 2 The Holy Roman Empire dissolved in 1802 ■ Magna Charta saw itself as its successor in the tradition of the Roman ■ Golden Fleece Empire. What is the name ■ Privilegium maius of its most important constitutional law? ■ Golden Bull 3 The Hussite Wars were fights between ■ Bartholomew Night, the supporters of the Czech Reformation ■ Edict of Restitution, Jan Hus, and imperial troops. ■ Prague lintel What caused it? ■ Storming of the Bastille 4 When Alexander the Great died, his successors ■ Epigonen divided the world ■ Diadochi empire left behind into several smaller empires. ■ Satraps What were his successors called? ■ Mughals 5 The Hanse trade alliance included ■ Leipzig in the 14th and 15th centuries around 70 ■ Wismar German cities. Which of the following ■ Magdeburg cities was not a Hanseatic city? ■ Cologne 6 In addition to John F. Kennedy, three other ■ James A. Garfield presidents of the USA were murdered while ■ William McKinley was in office. Which ■ Zachary Taylor American President does not count? ■ Abraham Lincoln 9

HISTORY 1 4 Although the Hague Landkríegs- The successors of Alexander the order of 1907 the use of greats were the Diadochi. chemical warfare agents were forbidden, the epigones were the descendants of Germany in the men of the legendary seven against the battle of Ypres in 1915 for the first Thebes to use the work of their fathers time poison gas as a weapon. completed and destroyed Thebes. Tanks were first used in the satraps were called provincial governors by the sien in the ancient Per-Summer Battle of 1916. British deployed, with airplanes The Mughals were a Muslim and airships fought both sides of the Mongolian ruling dynasty from the beginning of the war. origin who ruled India from the 16th to the 2nd 19th centuries. The most important constitutional law of the 5th Holy Roman Empire was that Leipzig belonged to the federation of the Golden Bull, which was created by Ciando in 1356 and which primarily regulated the election of German kings. Hanseatic League not on. In addition to Lübeck, Hamburg and Bremen, Wismar was also an important port city of the Hanseatic League. most English constitution. In addition, there were numerous Hanseatic cities in the interior, including Aries in the Greek myth of Magdeburg and Cologne. With the (fake) privilege leaders counted. legium maius, the 6 Habsburgs secured their power in Austria. Zachary Taylor, the 12th president, rich and extensive United States, died in 1850 while dependent. his term of office, but a natural 3 death. The Hussite Wars (1419 to 1434) Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States' first Prague man, was triggered by a lintel in April 1865; the second shot a racial fanatic. The Prague window lintel ushered in 1618 The 20th President, James A. Gar- den Thirty Years War. field, succumbed in September 1881 to the consequences of an assassination attempt on Bartholomew's Night. William 1572 in Paris 3000 Huguenots McKinley, the 25th President, was murdered. The edict of restitution in September 1901 the victim of a 1629 ordered the return of a pro-anarchist assassin. testantic church property to the Catholics. The French Revolution began in 1789 with the storming of the Bastille. 10

HISTORY 7 In the year 955 one of the ■ Hungarians most important battles in the history of ■ Huns of Central Europe took place near Augsburg. Who did the ■ Mongols and the German army fight against ■ Turks on the Lechfeld? 8 From the former Soviet Union, ■ Tajikistan a total of five- ■ Uzbekistan emerged from ten independent states in the early 1990s. ■ Azerbaijan. Which republic is not one of them? ■ Dagestan 9 By which treaty was the ■ Treaty of Rapallo divided up of the spheres of influence of ■ Treaty of Spain and Portugal in 1494 on the American ■ Navigational Acts continent discovered two years earlier? ■ Treaty of Tordesillas 10 The Six Day War of 1967 was one of ■ Jordan of the largest military conflicts ■ Lebanon in the Middle East after ■ Israel Second World War. Which country was not ■ Egypt involved in this war? 11 As is well known, Rome was built on seven hills ■ Lateran. Which of the mentioned terms ■ paladin denotes one of these classic seven ■ Latemar hills? ■ Capitol 12 Which law in England guaranteed ■ Magna Charta as early as 1679 protection against arbitrary ■ Habeas Corpus acts of arrest, which ... ■ Petition of Rights ■ Bill of Rights 11

HISTORY 7 10 In August 955 the defeated Lebanon was not involved in the Six Day German Army under King Otto I from 1967 militarily a numerically far superior one. Hungarian cavalry army. Triggered in the Six Day War The Huns had already invaded Europe in the 5th century by blocking the Gulf to Central and West Aqaba for Israeli ships. Mongo-Egypt, Israel and Len threatened their neighboring Arab states the borders of the German Empire in the 13th century, Egypt, Jordan and Syria in the 14th century opposed them. Turks in the Balkans. 11 8 The Capitol is one of the seven, The former Autonomous Socialist - today partly unrecognizable Soviet Republic Dagestan is the barren hill of Rome. The others are not an independent state, but six are Aventine, Caelius mons, a republic of the Russian Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Federation. Viminal. Independent states are against- The Lateran is a papal palace in the former socialist Rome. A paladin is an advisor to the Soviet Republics of Azerbaijan or a follower of a prince. (since August 1990), Uzbekistan The Latemar is (since August 1991) and Tajikis - a mountain range in the South Tyrolean tan (since September 1991). Dolomites. 9 12 In the Treaty of Tordesillas, the Habeas Corpus Act was established as the spheres of influence of Spain and in 1679 in response to the arbitrary Portugal in America. arrests under Charles II. The Treaty of Rapallo resolved; According to this, no 1922 resumption of English subjects may be arrested without a court order between Germany. and the Soviet Union. In the treaty The Magna Charta (1215/25) and the Bill of Rights (1689) enforced by Guadalupe Hidalgo, the USA in 1848 outweighed Mexico's current English constitutional laws. Assignment of all territories north The Petition of Right is a 1628 of the Rio Grande. The navigation act approved by King Charles I (1651) was an English script of the parliament for the protection law for the promotion of national civil liberties. Seafaring. 12

STORY 13 Called the ruthless ruler ■ Jane Seymour of England, King Henry VIII. ■ Catherine Parr was married six times. Which of his ■ Anna von Cleve women did Heinrich execute? ■ Anna Boleyn 14 Which of their states has ■ Virginia USA not - wholly or at least partially ■ Louisiana - bought from other countries? ■ Florida ■ Alaska 15 In what year did the revolution take place, ■ 1789 which went down in history as the “March Revolution” in ■ 1848? ■ 1917 ■ 1918 16 With the establishment of the Republic of China ■ Qin, the Chinese Empire ended in 1912. ■ Han With which dynasty did its ■ Ming history begin? ■ Qing 17 Which Norman prince and general ■ Eduard the Confessor was crowned King of England in 1066 ■ Canute the Great? ■ Wilhelm the Conqueror ■ Erich the Red 18 In which city was the ■ Heidelberg first German university founded in 1348? ■ Prague ■ Cologne ■ Krakow 13

HISTORY 13 16 Anna Boleyn, the mother of the The story of the Chinese later Elizabeth I, was the second empire began under the wife of Henry VIII .; he had her executed in 1536, the first Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. Year 221 with the Qin Dynasty. His third wife, Jane Seymour, (until 206 BC). died in 1537 at the birth of the throne. The Qin dynasty was followed by Edward VI, the fourth marriage of the Han dynasty (202 BC to 220 with Anna of Cleve ended in AD). Divorce in the Ming Dynasty. Catherine Parr, his (1368-1644) set the time the sixth wife, survived Heinrich. absolute monarchy in China. 14 Pu Yi, the last Chinese emperor, Virginia is not a purchased member of the Qing dynasty (a state in 1644, but was a member until 1912). rather, one of the thirteen 17 founding states of the United The Duke of Normandy, States. William the Conqueror, after his victory in the battle, the western part of Louisiana was crowned King of England in 1803 by France, Florida by Hastings in 1066 as William I of Spain in 1819 and Alaska in 1867. sold by Russia to the USA. Canute the Great was one of the 15 Danish kings who ruled England between 1016 The March Revolution was in 1848 and 1042. From the French February the Anglo-Saxon Eduard of the Revolution of the same year was from 1042 to 1066 resolved uprising of the liberal King of England. The Viking Erich bourgeoisie in Germany. the red discovered Greenland in 986. The French Revolution, which lasted until 1799, began in 1789. The first German university under the October Revolution was founded in Prague in 1348, the leadership of Lenin initiated the then royal seat of political and social upheaval in Emperor Karl IV. Russia in 1917. The revolution in The oldest university on (today's German Reich, which in 1918 led to the overthrow of the monarchy) is opened in Heidelberg, also known as the November Revolution. follows from Cologne in 1388. The Polish University of Krakow was founded in 1364. 14th

HISTORY 19 During the November Revolution of 1918 ■ Berlin in the German Reich the monarchy ■ Wilhelmshaven was overthrown. In which city was the first ■ Kiel republic proclaimed? ■ Munich 20 In 1950 there were only four independent states ■ Liberia in Africa. Which of these four Egypt ■ countries achieved independence ■ South Africa first? ■ Ethiopia 21 Which pharaoh abolished the ■ Ramses II. Entire Egyptian dynasty of gods and ■ Akhenaten replaced them with a single god? ■ Tutankhamun ■ Menes 22 With the invasion of the German armed forces ■ May 8, 1945, the Second World War began in Poland on September 1 ■ August 6, 1945 1939. But when exactly ■ August 18, 1945 did it end, on ... ■ September 2, 1945 23 Based on the year Rome was founded ■ 753 BC Ultimately also our current era ■ 650 BC. Chr. Nung. When did Rome become known to tradition ■ 386 BC? After founded? ■ 264 BC 24 In the Middle Ages, the election of two ■ Shia popes led to a ■ schema of division in the Catholic Church that lasted almost 40 years. ■ Schism What do you call this split in the church? ■ Sharia 15

HISTORY 19 22 On November 7th, 1918, the Republic was proclaimed in Munich. On November 9, 1945, the proclamation of the republic was officially ended by the Second World War. Social Democrats in Berlin. On August 6, 1945, the November Revolution, Hiroshima, the first atomic bomb was dropped by the beginning of the sailors, on August 14, 1945 uprisings at the end of October, under Japan unconditionally surrendered. inter alia in Wilhelmshaven and In Europe the Second World War was Kiel. The first independent state in Africa ended May 8, 1945 with Germany's unconditional surrender. was Liberia. According to legend, Rome was called the colonized land of freed American slaves as early as 1847 April 21, 753 BC. The independent republic from Romulus. founded. Historically vouched for the origins of Ethiopia, Rome was founded in 1896 around the year 650 BC. Chr. Independent. South Africa reached as an Etruscan city-state. 386 1910 as Dominion a conditional v. The rebuilding of independence from Great Britain began. the city after the destruction of Egypt, since the First World- by ​​the Celts. 264 BC During the war, the British protectorate was withdrawn, the Romans became independent in the First Punic in 1922. War (until 241 BC) against the 21 Carthaginians. Amenophis IV raised Aton, the 24 sun disk, to the sole god. The one that lasted from 1378 to 1417 gave up his name and called the division of the Catholic Church with itself Akhenaten. Popes in Rome and Avignon Tutankhamun turned away from is referred to as the Occidental Schism of the sun religion of his sister. father Akhenaten and returned Sharia is all areas of life back to polytheism. Ramses and the religious life includes- II. Is considered to be the most important pharaoh-sending law of Islam. Schia is and is the largest builder in ancient Egypt. one of the two main religious confessions of Islam. Menes is said to have united upper and lower Aegyps - one scheme is one ten. Draft or an illustrative representation. 16

HISTORY 25 During the First World War, the ■ Germany states of the Entente and the Central Powers ■ Bulgaria faced each other as opponents. Which country ■ Italy was not one of the Central Powers? ■ Turkey 26 From June 13 to July 13, 1878, under the reorganization of the chairmanship of Chancellor Bismarck, the Balkans Berlin Congress took place. What was negotiated on ■ Socialist Law at this Congress? ■ Social legislation ■ Emperor's proclamation of Wilhelm I. 27 The War of the Spanish Succession was waged in 1701 ■ Peace of Westphalia until 1713 over the legacy of the last Spanish ■ Peace of Rijswijk Habsburgs Charles II. Which ■ Peace of Prague peace treaty ended this war? ■ Peace of Utrecht 28 A decisive turning point in the ■ July 10, 1943 Second World War was “D-Day”, the ■ June 6, 1944 landing of the Allies in Normandy. ■ July 20, 1944 When did this landing take place? ■ August 1, 1944 29 In 1969 there were armed conflicts between the states of ■ the saltpeter war of Honduras and El Salvador. How is this ■ chaco war called war? ■ War of the Roses 30 Which of the named states of ■ Maryland USA is not one of the 13 founding states? ■ South Carolina ■ Georgia ■ Maine 17

HISTORY 25 28 Italy was in the First World War The landing of Allied troops in initially neutral and only entered the war in Normandy under General May 1915 on the side of the Entente Dwight D. Eisenhower began the war. June 6, 1944. The Entente powers were Great Britain. On July 10, 1943, allied troops had landed in Sicily, France and Russia. The Central Powers included the On July 20, 1944, the German and Austrian bombing attempt on Adolf Hitler failed. Hungary allied states Bul- On August 1, 1944 began in Garia and Turkey. Warsaw the Polish uprising 26 against the German occupation. The Berlin Congress negotiated the reorganization of the Balkans after an international football match after the Russian-Turkish war between Honduras and El Salvador in 1877/78. Football war broke out In the same year, in 1969, the Reichs demand passed the Socialist Act to more than 2000 people. life. In the first law of the Prussian Als Salpeter War (1879 to 1883) social legislation, in 1883 the war of Chile against Peru regulated the health insurance of labor and Bolivia for the saltpetre vanguard. The imperial proclamation called the Atacama. The event of Wilhelm I took place in 1871 in the Chaco War (1933 to 1935) Hall of Mirrors of the Versailles Palace - Bolivia and Paraguay took place. across from. The Wars of the Roses 27 were the English succession to the throne of France and England (1455 to 1485). Holland, Savoy, Portugal and Prussia. Maine, signed in 1713, is the only land state that ended the Neueng Peace of Utrecht that did not lead to the War of the Spanish Succession. one of the states of the USA.Maine was only accepted into the Münster and Osnabrück, the Union, as the 23rd state with the peace treaties in 1829. Peace of Westphalia, the 13 founding states of the USA ended in 1648 the Thirty Years War. are: Connecticut, Delaware, Geor- The Peace of Rijswijk, Gia, Maryland, Massachussetts, 1697 ended the Palatine Succession- New Hampshire, New Jersey, New War. With the Peace of Prague York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, the German Confederation Rhode Island, South Carolina and was dissolved in 1866. Virginia. 18th

STORY 31 Which of the following organizations ■ White Ring was not a resistance group during ■ Kreisau Circle of World War II? ■ Red Chapel ■ White Rose 32 Which of the following persons is - at least in the form ■ Till Eulenspiegel as the tradition ■ Johannes Faust describes it - not a historical ■ Robin Hood person? ■ Dr. Eisenbarth 33 His saying “Another victory and I ■ Varus am lost” went down in history as a winged word in ■ Hannibal. From which important- ■ Pyrrhus the general of antiquity comes this ■ Scipio d. Ä. Sentence? 34 World War II killed 55 to ■ China 60 million people worldwide. ■ Soviet Union Which country had the most deaths ■ India? ■ Germany 35 Alexander the Great, one of the ■ Archimedes most important generals of antiquity, had a ■ Aristophanes famous Greek as his teacher. Who was ■ Alcibiades the tutor to Alexander? ■ Aristotle 36 Which battle of the Napoleonic ■ Austerlitz wars went down in ■ Borodino history as the battle of the three emperors, the battle of ... ■ Leipzig ■ Waterloo 19

STORY 31 34 The White Ring is an association founded in 1975. Most Dead - 13.6 million to support fallen soldiers and more than victims of crime. 7 million civilian deaths - The Kreisau Circle was a population - the Soviet Union's Christian-conservative group had to complain about. German resistance movement The number of war victims in China around Count Moltke. One of the largest is estimated at 13 million, in the German resistance groups India came over a million, the anti-fascist Rote Menschen were killed. The number of the band over 100 members. White victims in Germany amounted to Rose, who called himself 3.3 million fallen soldiers - resistance group around the Geeten and 2.6 million dead under the sister Scholl. Civilian population. 32 35 Robin Hood is a legend; The educator of the young Alexander is a historical role model with him was the philosopher Aristotle not to be proven. (* 384, † 322 BC). In the fourteenth century, Till Eulenspiegel - Neither the mathematician Archimedun - did his antics; he died of the (* around 285, † 212 BC), who was around 1350 in. The doctor Johannes comedy poet Aristophanes Faust, model for Goethe's drama (* around 445, † around 383 BC) was still a game Born around 1480 the statesman and general and died around 1540 in Staufen. Alkibiades (* around 450, † 404 BC) Dr. Eisenbarth (* 1663, † 1727) was contemporaries of Alexander a successful physician of his the great. Time. 36 33 In the Battle of the Three Emperors at Den Satz, Pyrrhus I von Austerlitz defeated Napoleon in Epirus after his loss-making December 1805 victory in the battle of Ausculum Austrian Emperor Franz II against the Romans in 281 BC. and the Russian Tsar Alexan- Varus was the commander-in-chief of the Roman troops, who were defeated by Napoleon in 9 AD in the battle of Borodino in the Teutoburg Forest in September 1812. Hannibal was the one in the Russian army. The most significant Carthaginian general, Scipio the Elder near Leipzig in September 1813. Ä. His Roman counterpart was the Battle of Nations, according to the player in the Second Punic War. Battle of Waterloo in June 1815, Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena. 20th

HISTORY 37 When was the mark introduced in Germany as a ■ binding means of payment in 1834? ■ 1838 ■ 1871 ■ 1923 38 Which battle of the Persian wars ended ■ Battle of not victorious for the Greeks? Marathon ■ Battle of Thermopylae ■ Sea Battle of Salamis ■ Battle of Platää 39 Where was the Bad Ems Treaty ■ signed on May 10, 1871, which ended the German ■ Compiègne French War 1870/71? ■ Versailles ■ Frankfurt am Main 40 Which general is assigned the military ■ Helmuth von Moltke motto “March separately, united ■ Beat Alfred von Schliefen”? ■ Ezéchiel Mélac ■ Gerhard von Scharnhorst 41 After the end of the First World War ■ France, the Paris Peace Conference ■ Germany took place in 1919. Which state did not participate? ■ Italy ■ USA 42 Inspired by the ideas of the Reformation, ■ Götz von Berlichingen broke out in 1524/25 in southern and central Germany, ■ Thomas Müntzerland, a peasant uprising, the Peasants' War, ■ Florian Geyer. Who was not one of its leaders? ■ Georg Truchsess von Waldburg 21

HISTORY 37 40 With the establishment of the German The saying becomes Generalfeld- Reichs in the year 1871 the marshal Helmuth von Moltke Mark was assigned as a binding payment. medium introduced. Its real originator is said to have been fixed exchange rates between the previously existing currencies of the Prussian army reformer as early as 1838 Gerhard von Scharnhorst. From the Prussian genes. In 1834, with the green ral field marshal Alfred von Schlie- gung of the German Customs Union, the sentence came about: "Make me a unified customs area. Strong on the right wing". Ezéchiel spiraling inflation was introduced in 1923 Mélac was General Louis XIV in the Rentenmark. War of the Palatinate Succession. 38 41 The Battle of Thermopylae, which began in January 1919, resulted from betrayal in 480 BC. For peace conference German was lost - the Greeks. land not involved - Representatives of the former enemy powers in the Battle of Marathon were defeated Miltiades in 490 BC. The not admitted. Persian. In the naval battle of The decisions were made in Salamis (480 BC), the main part of the ministerial Persian fleet, in the battle of the president of France, that of Platää (479 BC), finally the president of the USA, the prime minister the Persian army was crushed by the ministers of Great Britain and the Greeks. Head of government of Italy met. 39 42 The peace treaty, which ended Georg Truchsess von Waldburg's Franco-German War not among the leaders of the dete, became the Peasants' War in Frankfurt am Main. Closed as field captain. of the Swabian Confederation The trigger for the war was the Emser, but in 1525 he cruelly defeated the rebellious despatch about a conversation with peasants. The theologian Thomas Müntzer French ambassador in Bad was the leader of a peasant army in Ems. In Compiègne was 1918 in Thuringia. The Imperial Knights signed the armistice, Florian Geyer and Götz from Berlichingen with the Treaty of Versailles led the rebellious peasants in Franconia and legally ended. in the Odenwald. 22nd

STORY 43 With which doctrine did the USA ■ Eisenhower Doctrine forbid political interference by European ■ Hallstein Doctrine powers on the American continent? ■ Monroe Doctrine ■ Truman Doctrine 44 Greece is considered the cradle of ■ Solon democracy. But who is the founder ■ Dracon of democracy in ancient Athens? ■ Kleisthenes ■ Lykurgos 45 In 1946 the Marseillaise was officially declared the ■ Paris French national anthem. ■ Marseille It was already composed in April ■ Strasbourg 1792 in ... ■ Toulouse 46 What was the name of the last emperor of the Western ■ Constantine I Roman Empire, who was deposed in 476 by the ■ Romulus Germanic military leader Odoacer ■ Theodosius I. ? ■ Constantine XI. 47 At which conference the ■ Yalta Allies agreed the principles of the political ■ Casablanca treatment of Germany after the Second ■ Potsdam World War, at the conference of ... ■ Tehran 48 In which battle was a division ■ at the wounded knee of the US cavalry Completely destroyed in 1876 by the Sioux ■ von Gettysburg Indians in the ■ von Bull Run battle ... ■ on the Little Bighorn River 23

STORY 43 46 In the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 With Romulus Augustulus, who called the USA the non-same name as the fabulous mixture of Europe in America. Founders of Rome ended that The Eisenhower Doctrine secured Western Roman Empire. Aid to the States of the Middle East Constantine I moved in 330 the imperial seat of anti-communist aggression from Rome to Byzantium. to. In the Hallstein doctrine formu- Theodosius I was until the Reichsliert the Federal Republic of German division in 395 the last single country its sole representative ruler of the Roman Empire. saying. The Truman Doctrine was the Constantine XI. was the final guideline of the USA in the fight against Byzantine emperors. communist movements. 47 44 With the Athenian democracy regulated at the conference of With his state reform (594 BC Potsdam in August 1945), Solon is considered to be the founder of the agreements that were dealt with. the Allies drew their post-war policy Drakon around 621 BC. In Germany. the proverbs due to its harshness - At the Yalta conference, criminal law became a reality. Kleisthenes founded the United Nations in 507 BC. The privileges were decided. The conference of the aristocracy begins. Lykurgos was from Tehran who laid the foundations of the legendary legislature of the later division of Europe. ancient Sparta. At the Conference in Casablanca 45, unconditional capital was demanded on the occasion of Germany's lation. the declaration of war on Germany 48 composed in Strasbourg. On the Little Bighorn River, a cavalry division was used as a “war song of the border troops”. The song by the Revolutionary General Custer was completely overworked by the Sioux troops in Marseilles. who sang it when they marched into Am Wounded Knee broke into Paris in July 1792; American troops in 1890 which it was then called the Last Resistance of the Dakota; "Marseillaise". With the massacre, Toulouse fell victim to around 350 of its creation and name Indians. Nothing to do in Gettysburg. and Bull Run, decisive battles of the American Civil War (1861 to 1865) took place. 24

STORY 49 On June 22nd, 1941, German troops began to invade ■ the Soviet Union. Weser Exercise What was the code name of this attack? ■ The Sea Lion Company ■ The Walküre Company ■ The Barbarossa Company 50 Which seafarer discovered the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago in the ■ James Cook one hundred? ■ Vasco da Gama ■ Fernando Magellan ■ Francis Drake 51 With the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 ■ Molotov also came to an end for the Red Army. ■ Trotsky, by whom was it founded in 1918 during the Russian ■ Kerensky civil war? ■ Koltschak 52 Which of the German rulers bore ■ Friedrich II of Prussia during his lifetime ■ Friedrich III. from "the big one"? Swabia ■ Friedrich III. of Saxony ■ Friedrich III. of Austria 53 Which of the leaders of the French Robespierre Revolution was not executed? ■ Danton ■ Marat ■ Hébert 54 Which people inhabited Italy before the ■ Phoenician rise of the Roman Empire, the ... ■ Etruscans ■ Thracians ■ Lydians 25

STORY 49 52 The plan of attack against the Soviet- The Prussian King Friedrich II., Union carried the code name under- the “Old Fritz”, was already to take Barbarossa. during his lifetime with the attribute “the great” in the Weser Exercise company. occupied German troops in 1940 Friedrich III. Duke of Schwa- Denmark and Norway, who carried the sea lion company as Emperor Frederick I, was nicknamed “Barbarossa”. Friedrich planned landing in Great Britain III. Elector of Saxony never became. On July 20, 1944, he failed as “the wise”, Friedrich III. Beat attempted coup by the Duke of Austria referred to as "the Wehrmacht officers against Hitler Schöne". was code-named Enterprise Valkyrie. Jean Paul Marat, one of the radical 50 most popular leaders of the French The Hawaiian Islands were discovered in 1778 by the Revolution of 1789, was discovered in 1793 by the British navigator James by Charlotte Corday in the Bath Cook. tub stabbed. The Portuguese Vasco da Gama The revolutionaries Georges Jacques sailed around the Cape of the Good Danton in 1497 and Jacques René Hébert Hope and reached the Indian were at the instigation of Maximi coast. His compatriot Fernando lien de Robespierre went south in 1794, Magellan sailed around 1520, before he went to America for a few months and discovered the Strait of Magellan, which was later named after him under the guillotine. Francis died. Drake was the first English 54 circumnavigator (1577 to 1580). The indigenous population of Italy were the Etruscans, a people whose eth- Leo D. Trotsky organized as nographical origin, the founding of the war commissioner is still unclear. and building the Red Army. The Phoenicians, a Semitic sea- Vyacheslav M. Molotov was a driver people, settled the east coast during the Second World War of the Mediterranean and colonies in Soviet foreign ministers. North africa. The Thracians were an Alexander F. Kerensky was the Indo-European people in the last Russian Prime Minister region of what is now Bulgaria. The one before the October Revolution. Alexander Kolchak, who founded western Asia Minor in 1918, lived in the pre-Christian era. an anti-Bolshevik "white" army. 26

HISTORY 55 In what year did the three ■ 1291 original Swiss cantons of Uri, Schwyz and ■ 1315 Unterwalden come together to form the “Eternal Confederation” of the ■ 1499 Swiss Confederation? ■ 1648 The Roman Empire outlasted ■ Augustus 56 for more than four centuries. Under ■ Caesar which emperor did it have its greatest ■ Constantine the Great extent? ■ Trajan 57What words is supposed to have said the philosopher Diogenes ■ Disrupt my circles to Alexander the Great, not when he came to him and gave him a ■ Eureka! Wish released? ■ Get out of the sun ■ Know yourself Which Prussian king was also ■ Wilhelm II. 58 called "Soldier King"? ■ August I the Strong ■ Friedrich Wilhelm I ■ Frederick I the Controversial 59 With the signing of the Versailles ■ Togo peace treaty in 1919, Germany ■ Cameroon lost all of its colonies. Which ■ Samoa today's state was not a German colony? ■ Gabon 60 Which of the European monarchs ■ Umberto I of Italy did not die a violent death? ■ Louis XVI. of France ■ Alfons XIII. of Spain ■ Alexander II of Russia 27

HISTORY 55 58 The Prussian King Friedrich but historically vouched for Wilhelm I, father of Friedrich Amalgamation of the three Urkan- the Greats, is nicknamed tone to the Swiss Confederation, "Soldier King". held in 1291. Neither Wilhelm II nor August the 1315 won the original cantons on the Starke or Friedrich the arguable Morgarten over an Austrian were Prussian kings. Wil-Heer. The peace of Basel ushered in helm II. Was the last German 1499 the separation of the Swiss emperor, August I the Strong and from the Holy Roman Empire. Frederick I who were at dispute with the Peace of Westphalia by Electors of Saxony. In 1648 the Confederation 59 also became independent under international law. Gabon was not a German protected area, according to the official designation. The Roman Empire reached the German colonies. in the reign of Trajan to the German colonies in its greatest extent. Africa belonged to Togo and Unter Augustus, the first emperor, Cameroon, today's Namibia belonged, among other things, Britain (German Southwest Africa) and large parts of Germany Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi not yet to the Roman Empire. (German East Africa). In addition, Caesar - although Germany still had colonies for the term Kaiser - was never in the Pacific region (German-Roman Emperor. With Constantine New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Nauru, the Great began the disintegration of the Marianas, Carolines, Palau Islands of the world empire. As well as part of Samoas ). 57 60 According to tradition, Dioge-Alfonso XIII. From Spain in 1931 Sinope went to Alexander who, after the proclamation of the republic, said on a large scale: “Go into exile with me to Rome, where he died in 1941. (a little) out of the sun. ”Umberto I of Italy was shot in 1900 by an anarchist. Do not circle ”and“ Eureka! ”Louis XVI. from France and come from the great Greek - his wife Marie Antoinette became a mechanic and mathematician - 1793 during the French ker Archimedes. “Know you revolution executed. Alexander himself “is the philosopher and the II of Russia was in 1881 mathematician Thales von Milet victim of an assassination anarchist attributed. shear forces. 28

HISTORY 61 What was the name of the second largest city ■ Saint Petersburg in Russia, which has been called Saint ■ Leningrad Petersburg again since 1991, at the time of the Russian ■ Petrograd Revolution in 1917? ■ Nizhny Novgorod 62Which German emperor began the ■ Gregory VII proverbial "walk to ■ Heinrich I. Canossa" in 1077? ■ Henry IV. ■ Henry VIII. 63 Which historian is ■ Herodotus called the “father of historiography”? ■ Thucydides ■ Tacitus ■ Suetonius 64 Which two states faced each other in the 19th century ■ Russia and Japan in the naval battle of Lissa ■ Austria and? Italy ■ Spain and Turkey ■ Germany and Great Britain 65 Which historical German state has ■ Saxony been ruled the longest continuously by a ■ Brandenburg and the same princely dynasty? Prussia ■ Hanover ■ Bavaria 66 Which Roman emperor was referred to as “Philosopher ■ Hadrian soph on the imperial throne”? ■ Augustus ■ Marcus Aurelius ■ Caligula 29

STORY 61 64 At the time of the Russian Revolution, Saint Petersburg was called Petrograd when it was defeated in the naval battle near Lissa. The Austrian Navy in 1866 The Italian fleet founded by Tsar Peter I in 1703. This city was initially called Saint In the Battle of Tsushima Petersburg. In 1914 Russia and 1905 faced each other after the eruption of the First Japan. During the Sea World War under Tsar Nicholas II. Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the name Petrograd was victorious; Spain via Turkey. The one Nizhny Novgorod is a city with umpteen great naval battles between the Volga, which was meanwhile called Germany and Great Britain Gorky. was the Skagerrak battle in 1916. Henry IV made penance to Canossa. He wanted to be ruled from Bavaria from 1180 to 1918 by Pope Gregory VII. Request excommunication. The Albertines were - most recently as the legendary Henry I Kings - from 1485 to 1918 in ("the Vogler") German King Saxony was in power. The Hohen- and is considered to be the founder of the German Zollern, the rulers of the empire. There was no German Emperor Brandenburg-Prussia from 1417 Henry VIII - the last Emperor of this name until 1871 and then until 1918 was German Emperor. Hanover Heinrich VII was ruled by the 63 Guelphs from 1692 to 1886. Herodotus is called the “father of history”. Emperor Mark Aurel, whose love His work includes the history of philosophy and who was himself Greece until 479 BC. Chr. And philosophical considerations draws a picture of the countries composed, received the nickname of the then known world. "Philosopher on the Imperial Throne". Thucydides is considered to be the creator of the Emperor Hadrian, Rome owes the border historical monograph, Tacitus fortifications of the Limes and the as the most important Roman Hadrian's Wall. Kaiser historian. Suetonius was Augustus who led the Roman author of historical biographies, world empire to cultural bloom. The emperor's government, in particular, of the Roman almost four years. Caligulas is considered to be one of the most despotic and arbitrary of the Roman Empire. 30th

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW The ancient philosophers understood politics to be a doctrine of the right order of community life. This view was still valid into the Middle Ages. Niccolò Macchiavelli (* 1469, † 1527) developed the doctrine of the state of state, the higher claim of a special state interest over the interests of the citizen, which determines the politics of the states up to the present day. The economy is society's answer to the experience that we do not live in a land of milk and honey, where there is no shortage and no need and all our wishes are spontaneously fulfilled. Law in the objective sense is the totality of state institutionalized rules that guide or influence human behavior.

POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, LAW 1 Which American President resigned ■ Gerald Ford in 1974 to forestall an impeachment ■ Jimmy Carter trial? ■ Walter Mondale ■ Richard Nixon 2 In which federal state did the ■ Bremen Greens make the first leap into ■ Schleswig-Holstein in 1979? ■ Hamburg ■ Hesse 3 Which politician was awarded ■ Menachem Begin the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973? ■ Willy Brandt ■ Henry Kissinger ■ Lech Wa∏´sa 4 What is the name of a market form ■ oligopsony in which the entire demand ■ Polypol is limited to one buyer? ■ Monopsony ■ Europol 5 Under which pseudonym is the ■ Bakunin Russian revolutionary and politician ■ Lenin Leib Bronschtein better known? ■ Stalin ■ Trotsky 6 In order to be able to teach at a university ■ disputation, an academic ■ habilitation teaching license is required. What is the name of the acquisition ■ Approval of this teaching license? ■ Dissertation EDCB 33

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 1 4 In July 1974 a congress recommended that if on a market the entire committee to investigate the demand for a product is restricted to the Watergate affair, in the closest one buyer, employees of President Richard speak of a monopsony . Nixon were involved, an official Under oligopsony one understands a dismissal procedure against Nixon Marktform, in which many offerers initiate, which this one preceded by his resignation against his few inquirers in August. stand. The Polypol is the Ideal Case Gerald Ford was Vice President of Perfect Competition. Europol Nixons and its successors. It is the European, established in 1994, which was subject to the police office of the EU states in the presidential election. 1976 Jimmy Carter. Its vice-president was Walter Mondale. The founder of the Red Army, Leib 2 Bronschtein (* 1879, † 1940), named Lev Dawidowitsch Bremen in the 1979 state election in 1902, when the Greens came to Trotsky. first time in a state parliament. Lenin (* 1870, † 1924) was actually called Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in the state elections in Schleswig, Holstein in the same year Stalin (* 1878, † 1953) was failed when she was still at the five percent hurdle Jossif Wissarionowitsch Ju- Born in the citizenry in Gashvili. The revolutionary Hamburg has been represented by the Greens since 1982 and anarchist Michail Aleksan-1982. In Hesse drowitsch Bakunin (* 1814, † 1876) the Greens were involved in 1985 for the first time in no political cover - a state government. names. 3 6 The Nobel Peace Prize of the Year Acquisition of academic teaching- in 1973, Henry Kissinger received authorization for a scientific (USA) and Le Duc Tho (Vietnam), subject is called a habilitation- who did not accept the prize for net. Their peace efforts in the Viet Under disputation one understands namwar. generally the defense of a Menachem Begin (Israel) was scientific work for the Lander Prize 1978 together with the award of an academic degree. Anwar as-Sadat (Egypt) zuer- The approbation is known by the state; Willy Brandt (Germany) approval for the higher healing professions was already awarded in 1971. A dissertation has become a net Lech Wa∏´sa (Poland) written work for obtaining the prize was awarded in 1983. a doctoral degree. 34

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 7 Which country celebrates its ■ France National Day on July 14th? ■ Great Britain ■ Austria ■ USA 8 Which sub-organization of the United ■ UNCTAD Nations is responsible for science and culture ■ UNESCO? ■ IAEA ■ UNICEF 9 share indices provide information on the ■ Stoxx general development of share prices ■ Ibex of a market area. Which of the following ■ Btx abbreviations does not designate a ■ Nemax share index? 10 What is the name of the Parliament ■ Duma in Denmark? ■ Folketing ■ Knesset ■ Sejm 11 In which Latin American state ■ Bolivia is the currency unit called Bolívar? ■ Venezuela ■ Colombia ■ Ecuador 12 What does one understand in an economy ■ Industry under the primary sector? ■ Service industries ■ Agriculture ■ State administration 35

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 7 10 July 14th is the national holiday The parliament of Denmark is governed by France; it is also referred to as Folketing, which means the storming of the Bastille, which in the original sense of the word means “popular prelude to the French Revolutionary Assembly”. tion in 1789. The Duma is the lower house in the Great Britain's National Day parliament of Russia; the name tanniens is the day of the (official) derives from the Russian birthday of the ruling designation for advisory monarchs. National holiday in collection. The Sejm is the second Austria is the October 26th Chamber of the Polish Parliament (adoption of the neutrality and means - as well as the law 1955), the one in the USA the designation of the Knesset for the 4th of July (Declaration of Independence - Parliament of Israel - “ Assembly 1776). lung ". 8 11 The specialized agency of the United Nations In Venezuela is the United Nations for Education, Knowledge Bolívar; eponymous is the society, culture and communication leader of the Latin American is the UNESCO. It has its seat of independence movement and in Paris. First President of the country, Simón UNCTAD, is the UN sub-organization Bolívar. In Bolivia the single currency conference is called Boliviano, in Colombia it is called Peso. Geneva. The IAEA, the International The currency of Ecuador is the US atomic energy authority, one dollar, after in 2000 the independent organization domestic currency, the sucre, half of the UN with seat in Vienna. That has been given up. Children's charity UNICEF (based in New 12 York) is a special organ of the UN. In the breakdown principle of the national economic development theory, Btx is not a stock index, but agriculture (an abbreviation for screen text, finally forestry and fishing industry - an interactive data and text industry) is the primary sector. transmission system. The industry (mining and ener- Stoxx is a group of European energy, construction and processing stock indices that have been trading since 1998) is the secondary one. Ibex is the Spanish the service industry of the stock index, Nemax are the tertiary sector. The latter also includes stock indices of the New Market in the state administration. Germany. 36

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 13 What is the name of an American ■ Dawes Plan politician to transform Germany into a purely agricultural ■ Morgenthau Plan after the Second Marshall Plan World War? ■ Schumann Plan 14 NATO, founded in 1949 as a defense alliance ■ Finland, currently has 19 members. ■ Iceland Which country is not one of the NATO ■ Poland member states? ■ Portugal 15 Which corporate legal form is not a ■ KG partnership which ... ■ GmbH ■ OHG ■ GmbH & Co KG 16 Which medal bears the motto "Honi soit ■ das Bundes- qui mal y pense"? Cross of Merit ■ the Pour le Mérite ■ the Cross of the Legion of Honor ■ the Order of the Garter 17 Indira Gandhi was elected Prime Minister ■ Jawaharlal of India in 1966. Her ■ Mahatma father was already a well-known Indian political ■ pundit. What was his first name? ■ Rajiv 18 In which city was the ■ New York United Nations founded in 1945? ■ Geneva ■ Brussels ■ San Francisco 37

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 13 16 The Morgenthau Plan presented by the American The High Noble Order by the Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, or shortly the Order of the Garter, is the highest British order. before, Germany in a significant He carries - in French - the inactive agricultural state. The motto “Honi soit qui mal y The Dawes Plan regulated the pense in 1924” (“A scoundrel who thinks evil reparations payments in German”). lands to the Allies. The Federal Cross of Merit becomes a building program for Europe was for achievements in political, the Marshall Plan of 1947, with economic or intellectual the Schumann Plan began, the Pour le Mérite for scientific 1950 the European unification. 14 academic and artistic merits awarded. The Finland Cross does not belong to NATO. the Legion of Honor is the highest Iceland and Portugal are among the orders of France. twelve founding members of the 17th defense alliance, Poland. Indira Gandhi's father joined in 1999 together with Hungary Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first pre- and the Czech Republic's first minister, who also joined NATO. known as Pandit Nehru 15. The GmbH (company with Mit Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of limited liability) is not an Indian independent partnership, but as a movement, Indira Gandhi was not a so-called corporation. Legal entity after her murder. In 1984, Indira's son, Rajiv Zu den Gandhi, became Prime Minister of India. include the KG (limited partnership), the OHG (open trading with the signing of the Charter Society) and the GmbH & Co of the United Nations through the KG. In contrast to the capital representatives of 51 states on the 20th, companies expire in June 1945 in San Francisco, when one company left, the UN was founded. scholar. The UN has its permanent seat in New York, but many of its specialized agencies are based in Geneva. Brussels is the seat of the European Union. 38

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 19 What is the currency unit called in Korea? ■ Kyat ■ Won ■ Yen ■ Dong 20 A certificate is the written ■ job reference for a thought in the form of a ■ savings account document. So what doesn’t count among ■ license plates on the documents? ■ Operating instructions 21 Willy Brandt was one of the outstanding ■ office of the federal personalities of the German post-chancellor war policy and held numerous offices ■ party chairman of the SPD. Which office did he resign in March 1987 ■ Chair of the SI? ■ Head of the North-South Commission 22 What is the name of the representation of the cantons in the ■ Federal Council of the Swiss Federal Assembly? ■ Cantonal Council ■ National Council ■ Council of States 23 Which countries concluded in 1978 at the ■ USA and Vietnam country residence of the American President ■ Ethiopia and Eritrea with the Camp David treaty ■ Egypt and Israel? ■ Yugoslavia and Croatia 24 What do you call the ■ arbitrage transactions in the stock exchange that exploit the price or interest rate differences ■ slump between individual stock exchanges ■ Fibor? ■ Parity 39

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 19 22 The unit of currency in both the cantons in South Korea and North Korea in the Swiss Federal Assembly is the won (1 won = 100 chon). is called the Council of States. It is comparable to the German Federal Council with kyat (1 kyat = 100 pyas). you pay in Myanmar (Burma). The Swiss Federal Council is the yen (1 yen = 100 Sen) is the Japanese government of Switzerland, its presidential currency unit, the one in zender of Vietnam, which is elected for one year, is the dong (1 dong = 10 Federal President. The National Council Hào = 100 Xu). is the directly elected second chamber of the Federal Assembly. Can- An operating manual is admittedly councils, the parliaments are usually a document, but cantons; they correspond to the German no document and thus no regional parliaments. Certificate. 23 The documents, however, include Egypt and Israel signing a job reference and, in 1978 at Camp David, a savings account and a car to get a license plate. Who fakes them or bilateral peace treaty. The USA and Vietnam agreed to gain an advantage in legal relations in 1973 in Paris, Ethiopia and, therefore, Eritrea committed in 2000 in Algiers on forgery of weapons. standstill agreement. In March 1987 Willy Brandt resigned from the Yugoslavia and Croatia party chairmanship of the SPD, which had been in charge of an agreement on independence since 1964. dependence of Bosnia and Herzegovina- From the office of Chancellor Govina. Brandt had resigned as early as 1974 after his colleague Günter Guillaume, who was part of the Chancellery, had divorced from stocks that had been exposed as an agent of the GDR. Brandt was the chairman of the SI (Socialist Arbitration International). Slump is understood to mean a sudden fall in share prices from 1976 to 1992. the north-south commission of Fibor holds the reference interest rate for the UN from 1977 to 1980. the German banking industry. Parity is the exchange ratio between two currencies. 40

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 25 At the same time as the popular uprising in Hungary ■ Suez Crisis there was another international ■ Kashmir crisis in 1956. Was it the ...■ Morocco Crisis ■ Cuba Crisis 26 Who succeeded Leonid ■ Konstantin Brezhnev as General Chernenko Secretary of the CPSU after the death of Leonid? ■ Mikhail Gorbachev ■ Jurij Andropow ■ Boris Yeltsin 27 What is the name of the specialized agency of the UN, ■ OPEC which replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ■ OECD GATT in 1996? ■ WTO ■ OSCE 28 In which German city does the ■ Erfurt Federal Social Court have its seat, in ... ■ Munich ■ Karlsruhe ■ Kassel 29 What is the name of an alliance of various ■ coalition parties that serves to obtain a government ■ parliamentary majority? ■ Opposition ■ Codification 30 Who was Gustav ■ Gerhard Schröder Heinemann's opponent in the election of the Federal President ■ Walter Scheel in 1969? ■ Rainer Barzel ■ Karl Schiller 41

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 25 28 The Suez Crisis and the resulting The Federal Social Court, the Suez War that was triggered, was the highest German court in 1956 for the same time as the Hungarian social justice system, its popular uprising took place. Headquarters in Kassel. The kashmir crisis escalated in 1965. The Federal Labor Court turned into a military conflict in 2000 from Kassel to Erfurt between India and Pakistan. lays. In Munich, the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Patent Court in 1911 were resident, in Karlsruhe the conflicts between Germany and the Federal Constitutional Court and France. The Cuban Missile Crisis Federal Supreme Court. between the USA and the Soviet Union was triggered in 1962 by an alliance of two or more Soviet rake parties to obtain a ten in Cuba. A majority capable of governing is called the 26 coalition. Successor of Leonid Brezhnev One parliamentary group is the union as general secretary of the CPSU politically like-minded deputy - in 1982 Yuri Andropov became. ner of a parliament, which mostly followed him in 1984 Konstantin belonged to a party. Opposi- Chernenko. After his death, the part of parliament that Mikhail Gorbaden took over the government of Abkhazia in 1985 is the part of parliament that it faces up to the orderly. Kodifi- Dissolution of the Soviet Union is a collection of laws. would have. Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was never party leader of the CPSU in the presidential election. In 1969, Gerhard Schröder 27 (CDU) lost to Gustav Das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handels- Heinemann (SPD) in the third ballot. Previously he was from agreement GATT was replaced by the 1949 to 1969 minister in the world trade organization WTO with cabinets Adenauer, Erhard and seat in Geneva. Been Kiesinger. OPEC is the organization of the crude oil Walter Scheel (FDP) was 1974 exporting countries, the OECD was elected to the Federal President. Organization for economic Rainer Barzel was from 1964 to cooperation and development. 1974 Chairman of the CDU / CSU - the parliamentary group that was founded in 1975. Karl Schiller OSCE emerged from the OSCE (SPD) was from 1966 to 1972 the organization for security and Federal Minister of Economics. Cooperation in Europe. 42

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 31 Who was the last Prime Minister of the ■ Hans Modrow GDR? ■ Egon Krenz ■ Erich Honecker ■ Lothar de Maizière 32 In 1960 a ■ Ceylon woman was elected head of government of a state ■ Great Britain for the first time. What country was that in? ■ Israel ■ Pakistan 33 Direct taxes record the income ■ vehicle tax or property of the taxpayer and ■ insurance tax indirectly. Which of the mentioned taxes ■ Mineral oil tax is a direct tax? ■ Beer tax 34 In the Federal Republic of Germany ■ Federal Government the Federal President is not directly elected by the ■ Federal Council. Who in Germany elects the ■ Federal Head of State? assembly ■ Bundestag 35 Eton College is one of the best-known elite schools in England ■ Grammar School. How is a public ■ school called such a private school in England? ■ High school ■ College 36 Which philosophers did the idea of ​​■ Rousseau's division of state power into legislative, ■ Locke executive and judiciary go back to? ■ Descartes ■ Montesquieu 43

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 31 34 The last Prime Minister of the The Federal President is elected by the GDR from April to October Federal Assembly. 1990 Lothar de Maizière. It consists of the members Hans Modrow was from November of the Bundestag and an equal number of country representatives from 1989 to April 1990. of the Council of Ministers, Egon Krenz von The Federal Government resolves fundamental political questions from October to December 1990, Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR. in particular bills. When Erich Honecker joined the Federal Council in October, the federal states act in 1989 from his offices as legislation and administration of the state council chairman and gene federation. The Bundestag Secretary of the SED returns. closes federal laws and 32 elects the Federal Chancellor. Sirimavo Bandaraneike became Prime Minister in 1960. Private schools in England are called Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, commonly known as Public Schools. The English Grammar School is the head of government in the world. Great Britain had from 1979 comparable to the German grammar school. The American high school until 1990 with Margaret Thatcher school is a first-time woman as a premier general education school. In Grand Minister. Golda Meir was from 1969 britain is college a common prime minister of sames academic study house Israel until 1974. Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988, for Faculty and Students; USA one in high school - she was the first female governing higher education institution. ration chief in an Islamic 36 country. The idea of ​​dividing the powers of state goes back to Charles Baron de The motor vehicle tax is a Montesquieu. With its direct tax. The emergence of the teaching of the philosophy of the state flows to the countries. he great influence on the French The Indirect taxes are United Revolution and the Constitution tax taxes, so the insurers of the USA. tax and the mineral oil Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a tax that accrued to the federal government. Enlightenment philosopher; John The beer tax is one of the oldest Locke and René Descartes were excise taxes, and the countries owe their income to representatives of the philosophical origin. pirism or rationalism. 44

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 37 Which of the named member states ■ Jordan of the Arab League is not a monarchy? ■ Morocco ■ Yemen ■ Oman 38 In which state was Martin van Buren ■ Netherlands president in the middle of the 19th century and ■ Luxembourg thus head of state? ■ South Africa ■ USA 39 Which SED politician was the first ■ Otto Grotewohl Prime Minister of the GDR? ■ Erich Honecker ■ Wilhelm Pieck ■ Walter Ulbricht 40 Which politician is not a former ■ Helmut Kohl Prime Minister of the federal state ■ Oskar Lafontaine Rhineland-Palatinate? ■ Rudolf Scharping ■ Bernhard Vogel 41 Which organization is not a forerunner ■ EEC organization of the European Union? ■ ECSC ■ EFTA ■ EC 42 Which German federal state is ■ Berlin governed by a First Mayor? ■ Bremen ■ Hamburg ■ Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 45

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 37 40 Since the unification of the two Oskar Lafontaine (SPD) parts of the country in 1990, Yemen is not part of the former ministerial Islamic Republic. President of Rhineland-Palatinate; Jordan and Morocco are ministerial constitutional hereditary monarchies from 1985 to 1998. president of the Saarland. In both countries the King Helmut Kohl (CDU) was Minister-Head of State. Oman is a president from 1969 to 1976, its sultanate in the form of an absolute successor until 1988 was Bernhard Monarchy, head of state and bird (CDU). From 1991 to 1994 the head of government was Rudolf Scharping (SPD), the ruling sultan, without parliament. Holds office of 38 heads of government in Rhineland-Palatinate. Martin van Buren (* 1782, † 1862) 41 was from 1837 to 1841 the eighth EFTA, the President of the USA founded in 1960. European Free Trade Association, The Netherlands are a king- is not a forerunner of the rich, Luxembourg is a greater- European Union. ducation - the head of state there is the EEC (European Economic Community of the ruling monarchy community) and ECSC (European The State of South Africa existed in the Coal and Steel Community) in the 19th century and joined the EC in 1967, so the euro still had no State Community. The chief. Member States of the EC merged 39 to form the European Union in 1993. The first Prime Minister since. In 1949 and from 1954, Otto was Chairman 42 of the GDR Council of Ministers. A Grotewohl rules the city-state of Hamburg. First Mayor. Wilhelm Pieck was President of the State from 1949 to a governing mayor in 1960 and thus Berlin, which is both the capital and the de facto head of state. Him as well as state is. Bremen, followed by Walter Ulbricht as the forerunner of the smallest federal state, is succeeded by the seat of the Council of State, which governs a mayor. In the office until 1973 held. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania stands Erich Honecker was from 1976 to a Prime Minister of the State - 1989 Chairman of the State Council. government before. 46

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 43 Which Latin American country ■ Argentina did the revolutionary Che Guevara come from? ■ Bolivia ■ Cuba ■ Mexico 44 Which domestic political crisis forced Franz ■ Guillaume affair Josef Strauss to resign from the office of ■ Spiegel affair Federal Minister? ■ Starfighter affair ■ Party donation affair 45 In which city was the first international ■ Augsburg national stock exchange opened, in ... ■ London ■ Paris ■ Antwerp 46 How do you describe the legal and ■ legitimacy claim in the political ■ legitimation sciences of a state? ■ Legality ■ Legislative 47 Which tax is payable to which ■ real estate tax the federal government and the federal states each have half? ■ Electricity tax ■ Inheritance tax ■ Corporate income tax 48 Which matrimonial property regime will be ■ gain in Germany - automatically become the statutory property regime, community if spouses do not conclude a marriage contract ■ community property? ■ Separation of property ■ Acquisition sharing 47

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 43 46 Che Guevara was born in 1928 as the lawyer and ruler Ernesto Guevara Serna in Argentina, a state and its nien. Justification is referred to as legitimacy In the 1950s he concluded. in Mexico to Fidel Castro, on the other hand, legality is his fight against the Batista - purely formal legality. Dictatorship in Cuba he as guerrilla legitimation is a certification leader was significantly involved. or Eligibility, Legislature In 1967, Che Guevara was designated in Boli- the legislative vien, where he attempted to establish a guerrilla organization or a legislative body at corporation. killed in a battle with the Army 47. The federal government and the federal states of the Spiegel affair each share half the revenue from corporation tax. The real estate tax is levied by the Federal Defense Minister Franz municipalities, but Josef Strauss' resignation in 1962 is uniformly regulated throughout the country. The forced. Electricity tax is a federal tax. The Guillaume affair led to the rise of inheritance in 1974 and the resignation of Federal Chancellor tax flows to the federal states. Brandt, Minister of Economic Affairs Graf 48 Lambsdorff resigned in 1984 because of his If no marriage contract is concluded, he is involved in the party donations, in Germany the legal affair applies to his office. In 1966, the Starfighly matrimonial property regime of the winners affair dissolved a difficult community. Crisis in the leadership of the federal In addition, only the goods defense are from. Community or the segregation of property as statutory property 45 The Antwerp stock exchange is possible; they have to go through one of the oldest in the world. It was opened in the year marriage contract before a notary in 1531. to be beard. The achievement- Nine years later, the participation was a statutory first German stock exchange in Augsburg, property in Switzerland. not anymore today. In 1566 the Royal Exchange was founded in London. Paris only received a statutory stock exchange in 1724. 48

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 49 Which politician was not Federal President ■ Karl Carstens dent of the Federal Republic of Germany? ■ Kurt Georg Kiesinger ■ Heinrich Lübke ■ Walter Scheel 50 What is a mortgage? ■ a loan ■ a loan ■ a mortgage ■ a bond 51 Which legal principle is not a valid ■ In dubio pro reo ger principle in a constitutional state? ■ Princeps legibus solutus ■ Ne bis in idem ■ Audiatur et altera pars 52 What is the name of a measure to the economic ■ sanctioning disadvantage of a state, for example ■ a boycott to enforce international legal norms? ■ Embargo ■ Sequestration 53 The G-7 states include the seven ■ Russia-leading industrial nations. ■ Italy Which country is not included? ■ Canada ■ Japan 54 Which German Chancellor was Konrad Adenauer voted out in parliamentary elections? ■ Willy Brandt ■ Helmut Kohl ■ Helmut Schmidt 49

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 49 52 Kurt Georg Kiesinger (CDU) was an economic measure for non-German Federal President, enforcement of international law from 1966 to 1969 Federal Chancellor. or other foreign policy goals During Kiesinger's reign, an embargo is mentioned. Heinrich Lübke (CDU) was a federal government under sanction to become compulsory president. In 1969, he was replaced by Gustav Securing international law in Heinemann (SPD), who understood obligations, in accordance with general measures for the ten-year term of office. Boycott in turn 1974 Walter Scheel is an ostracism measure followed by (FDP). Scheel held the political, social or economic office until 1979. leverage. Sequestration 50 is the administration of a mortgage is a mortgage in the basic state. A land lien registered in the book 53 to secure a Russia is not one of the G-7 demands. States, however, has been taking part since 1994. A loan is the granting of political deliberations of money or property with questions. Obligation to return what has been received in G-7 countries, which have been of the same type, quality and quantity since 1975 at the world economic summit. In contrast to the meeting, are Germany, Frank credit, a loan can also be rich, Great Britain, Italy, be granted free of charge. One Japan, Canada and the USA; Since the bond has been a long-term loan, 1977 the President of Admission to the Capital Market EU Commission also takes part in the meeting. 51 54 Princeps legibus solutus (“Helmut Kohl (CDU) was the prince in 1998, the prince is not the first Federal Chancellor to be thrown under the law”) is a principle that is not valid in the history of the rule of law in the Federal Republic of Germany. by a vote of the voters In dubio pro reo ("in doubt for lost. the accused"), Ne bis in idem Konrad Adenauer (CDU) resigned in 1963 ("not twice in the same for reasons of age. Willy case") and Audiatur et altera Brandt (SPD) declared in 1974 his pars (“May the other resign too, after his co-workers are heard”) are basic Günter Guillaume had been exposed as an agent of the sentences of a constitutional criminal GDR. His and civil procedural law. Successor Helmut Schmidt (SPD) was overthrown in 1982 by a constructive vote of no confidence. 50

POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW 55 In which country does the oldest still ■ existing parliament in the world meet, in ... ■ Poland ■ San Marino ■ Iceland 56 On which day was Germany's reunification ■ on October 7, 1989? ■ on November 9, 1989 ■ on October 3, 1990 ■ on December 2, 1990 57 Only since the beginning of the 20th century have women ■ been allowed to vote in Europe. Which ■ Finland European country was the first ■ Great Britain to introduce universal suffrage for women? ■ Switzerland 58 economic activities that are not included in the social ■ home work product are called ■ undeclared work, the “shadow economy”. Which activity does ■ neighborly help not include? ■ Personal work 59 Which offenses are ■ In Germany, voter deception is not explicitly punished? ■ Presumption of office ■ Child trafficking ■ Polygamy 60 In which year was the United Nations Environment Program ■ Rio de Janeiro 1992 Nations launched at which conference ■ Stockholm 1972 ■ Maastricht 1992 ■ Kyoto 1997 51

ART DThe beginnings of the visual arts go back a long way to prehistoric times. At first it served mainly cultic purposes. In the Middle Ages, art was still viewed as a purely craft skill. The contrast between art and handicraft, as well as the modern image of the artist who creates works that are free from the purposes of cult and representation, only emerged in the transition from the 18th to the 19th century.According to today's understanding, the visual arts include sculpture, painting, graphics, applied arts, architecture and artistic photography.

KUNST 1 Which of the named artists or ■ Joseph Maria artisans was not a representative of Olbrich Art Nouveau? ■ Gustav Klimt ■ Josiah Wedgwood ■ Louis C. Tiffany 2 Which is the complementary color of ■ Orange Blue? ■ Red ■ Yellow ■ Pink 3 Which of the following terms ■ Fauvism does not designate an art style? ■ Determinism ■ Constructivism ■ Futurism 4 What do you call a collection of ■ Pinakothek sculptures? ■ Lipsanothek ■ Glyptothek ■ Staurothek 5 Which cave, discovered in 1995, houses ■ Altamira the oldest Stone Age rock paintings ■ Lascaux in Europe? ■ La Mouthe ■ Chauvet 6 Which Renaissance painter created the ■ Lucas Cranach Isenheimer Altar? ■ Matthias Grünewald ■ Stephan Lochner ■ Tilman Riemenschneider 55

KUNST 1 4 The English artisan Originally a collection of Josiah Wedgwood made gems in the 18th century, the term century ceramic production Glyptothek is now generally used for a nisse in the classical style. Sculpture collection used. The Austrian Joseph Maria Olbrich understands a pinakothek to be one of the productive ones - a picture collection or ten architects of Art Nouveau. Picture gallery. Lipsanothek The painter Gustav Klimt was called a reliquary box central figure of Art Nouveau in early Christian times, a Vienna. The work of the American-Staurothek is a reliquary for the designer and handicraft-recording of a relic of the cross. Louis C. Tiffany are stylistically 5 Art Nouveau. The oldest rock paintings in Europe 2 can be found in the Chauvet cave, named after their discovery. The complementary color of blue decker is orange - blue and orange in the Ardèche valley in southern France. They complement each other with the additive color - are around 30,000 years old. mix to white. The more recent cave paintings of the complementary color of red Altamira (northern Spain) as well as of is green, that of yellow is violet. Lascaux and La Mouthe (south pink means a red france) have an age between a hue of low saturation or 18,000 and 12,000 years. Brightness. 6 3 The Isenheim Altarpiece was created Determinism is the philosophical between 1512 and 1516 in the Antohe doctrine of the unambiguous niterkloster in Isenheim, Alsace. Determination of all events It is the main work of Matthias through causes. Grünewald. Fauvism is one of the expressions by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Ä. Art style related to that of the Torgau Altar comes from. Stephan Loch- French painting. The stylist was a painter of the Gothic and Constructivist movement. The creator of the three-king altar in the simple Cologne cathedral was limited. Tilman Riemen geometrical forms, the Futu-tailor, a late Gothic pictorialism looked for new ways of the Hauer, created the Creglinger Altar. Representation of movements. 56

KUNST 7 Which architect built the House of ■ Walter Gropius Kunst in Munich? ■ Albert Speer ■ Le Corbusier ■ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 8 What is the engraver Matthäus for ■ City maps Merian d. Ä. known for his ... ■ portraits ■ insect pictures ■ cityscapes 9 The Taj Mahal in the Indian city ■ Agra mausoleum is one of the most important works ■ Mosque of Indo-Islamic architecture. What was the original ■ madrasah purpose of the building? ■ Mastaba 10 Which of the painters mentioned was not ■ Peter Paul Rubens' contemporary of Rembrandt? ■ Frans Hals ■ Anthony van Dyck ■ Hieronymus Bosch 11 Which building does not belong to the ■ The colossus of the classic seven wonders of the world from Rhodes antiquity? ■ The mausoleum in Halicarnassus ■ The labyrinth of Knossos ■ The lighthouse of Pharos 12 Which painting by Picasso reminds ■ of the Minotauromachy of the Spanish Civil War? ■ Guernica ■ Life ■ Dove of Peace 57

KUNST 7 10 The House of Art was built under Hieronymus Bosch (* around 1450, Albert Speer, who counted for Hitler- † 1516) was not a contemporary of Remreich's monumental representative brandt. With his fantastic buildings in Berlin, Munich and grotesque images, he is one of those who built Nuremberg. most important Dutch Walter Gropius built the settlement renaissance painter. "Siemensstadt" in Berlin. One of the most famous works by Le Cor-Paul Rubens (* 1577, † 1640), busier is the pilgrimage church in Frans Hals (* around 1580, † 1666) and Ronchamp. The Seagram, on the other hand, was a contemporary building in New York by Ludwig Mies van Anthony van Dyck (* 1599, † 1641) der Rohe. Rembrandts (* 1606, † 1669). 8 11 Matthäus Merian the Elder Ä. is known for his The Labyrinth of Knossos, the exact city views of Martin capital of Minoan Crete, Zeilers "Topographia". was not one of the seven ancient ones. He also designed city wonders of the world. It is also questionable whether there are plans, inter alia. of Basel, Cologne and whether this labyrinth ever existed in Frankfurt am Main. Has. His son Matthäus Merian d. J. The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the created numerous portraits, his statue of the sun god Helios at the daughter Maria Sibylla Merian published the port of Rhodes, the mausoleum-exposed scientific book in Halicarnassus, the grave works with lifelike flower paintings of the satrap Mausolos. The and insect pictures. Pharos lighthouse was at 9 the entrance to the port of Alexandria. The Taj Mahal, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a mausoleum that was built after the great disruption of the Basque city mogul Shah Jahan in 1631 Guernica by the German deceased favorite wife Mumtaz- Legion Condor Picasso in 1937 Mahal let. the picture of the same name. Even if he with his onion dome and the four minarets was created in 1925. The figurative picture That may look like - Picasso created a mosque in 1903- was not the Tasch Mahal, just as it was during his blue period. For the little like a madrasah, a communist party of France's traditional Islamic college. In 1949 he designed the poster with the Mastaba is a symbol of the dove of peace. an ancient Egyptian burial mound. 58

ART 13 Which language or script is ■ Greek not found on the “trilingual” stone of ■ Demotic Rosette? ■ Hieroglyphics ■ Phoenician 14 A masterpiece of the Italian Renais ■ Sandro Botticelli sancemalerei is the ■ Michelangelo da “Birth of Venus” from around 1485. Which artist Caravaggio did this painting come from? ■ Guido Reni ■ Giotto di Bondone 15 How do you call a powerful male figure in building and sculpture ■ Caryatid, ■ Atlant who carries an entablature instead of a column ■ Entasis or supports? ■ Chapter 16 In which country was the painter Marc ■ France Chagall born? ■ USA ■ Russia ■ Switzerland 17 What is the name of the world-famous painting ■ Hermitage gallery in Saint Petersburg? ■ Uffizi Gallery ■ Prado ■ Louvre 18 What is the name of the ruins of the temple complex in ■ Chichén Itza, north-west of Cambodia, which is ■ Prambanan, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site? ■ Machu Picchu ■ Angkor Vat 59

ART 13 16 None of the inscriptions on the 1799 The painter Marc Chagall was found in 1887 Rosette stone is then in Russia, today in Phoenician. Belorussia belonging to Liosno using his in Greek and born. Demotic, a form of the Egyptian - in 1910 he came to France, went back to the script, as well as in Hierogly- 1914 but back to Russia. In 1923 he finally turned his back on the French Egyptologist and settled in Frank- Jean François Champollion in 1822, richly. From 1941 to 1947 he stopped deciphering the hieroglyphs. in the USA. Chagall, who was of Jewish origin, had had a special bond with the state of Israel since the 1930s, and the goddess of love in a ren. Depicting a standing shell was created in 17 by Sandro Botticelli. The picture gallery of Sankt Pe- Michelangelo da Caravaggio and Tersburg with over 5000 works is Guido Reni were painters of the Baths Hermitage, named after the rock epoch. Giotto di Bondone, 1764 to 1767 for Tsarina Catherine II a painter of the Gothic, is considered with his built castle. The art museum in Florence is that of occidental painting. known as the Uffizi. 15 The Prado is the Spanish natio- A male figure taking the place of the nalmuseum in Madrid. The Louvre supports a column with an entablature or, in Paris, houses one that supports it, is an atlant. The nung's most significant art collections are derived from Atlas, the world. carried the vault of heaven on his 18 shoulders. The ruins of the temple complex. The female counterpart of one in Cambodia is called Angkor Vat. Atlases are the caryatids. Entasis Built in the 12th century, the swelling or outgrowth system was destroyed in 1431 by the Thai bulge on the shaft of a column. The capital of the head of a Prambanan in Java is the largest column or pillar. Hindu temple of Indonesia, Chichén Itzá a settlement site of the Maya in Mexico. The fortress-like urban complex of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes dates from the time of the Inca culture. 60

KUNST 19 Action painting describes in abstract ■ Jackson Pollock Expressionism a process-like ■ Roy Lichtenstein painting method. Which artist was ■ Victor de Vasarély the main representative of this style? ■ Joseph Beuys 20Which artistic epoch is the style ■ Classicism of Mannerism assigned to? ■ Romanticism ■ Renaissance ■ Baroque 21 Which Dutch painter could ■ Adriaen Brouwer be considered the forefather of Surrealism ■ Pieter Bruegel the Elder Ä. describe? ■ Hieronymus Bosch ■ Pieter Bruegel the Elder J. 22 basic colors are the starting colors, with ■ cyan which all other colors can be mixed subtractively ■ magenta. Which color does ■ not include yellow? ■ Green 23 In 1947 Dagobert Duck saw the ■ Charles M. Schulz light of the comic world. Which comic artist ■ Carl Barks created the richest of all misers? ■ Walt Disney ■ Georges Remi 24 Which of the graphic printing techniques ■ lithography used in the visual arts is ■ etching a flat printing process? ■ Xylography ■ Seriesgraphy 61

ART 19 22 Jackson Pollock is considered to be the most important of the three basic colors. The color green is not one of the most significant representatives of the action. painting, in which the process of die in painting and printing-painting becomes the content of the picture. technology in multi-color printing Roy Lichtenstein was one of the basic colors used and the main representative of Pop Art in the standard printing inks are cyan, a USA. The French painter Victor contributed slightly greenish blue, the pur- de Vasarély decisively contributed to the purple color magenta and yellow. Development of Op Art. Joseph 23 Beuys was a representative of the concept of multi-billion prescription art bathing in money, in which conventional där Scrooge McDuck - as uncle painting is called less and less in the middle - Dagobert in the original - became point. by the comic artist Carl Barks 20 the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge In its original meaning from Charles Dickens ’Christmas Mannerism is based on a stylistic term for fairy tales. the late phase of the Renaissance Charles M. Schulz was the creator between 1520 and 1600. fer the Peanuts, Walt Disney the In the art history of the 20th inventor of Mickey Mouse. George's century, the term all- Remi, known as Hergé, created the common as a characteristic of the comics about Tintin. End phase of every art epoch - 24 and thus also of classicism, lithography or stone - the romantic and baroque - printing is a flat printing process, respected. in which the printing and non-printing parts of the picture lie in one plane. The cruel satirical pictures of a limestone slab. Hieronymus Bosch with their ab- The etching is a peculiar, often puzzling fabulous journey, xylography, the wood being can as a forerunner of the cut, a relief printing process. 20th century surrealism For these prints the recessed ones apply. or the raised areas. Adriaen Brouwer was a significant- seriegraphy or serigraphy tender genre painter of the peasant- is a screen printing process, with and folk life, as well as Pieter to whom the printing ink through a screen Bruegel the Elder. Ä., "Bauernbruegel" is deleted. called. His son Pieter Bruegel the Elder J., the “Höllenbruegel”, painted spooky scenes and depictions of hell. 62

ART 25 Cologne Cathedral is the largest Gothic ■ 1248 church in Germany. When was it completed ■ in 1322? ■ 1880 ■ 1944 26 The Bulgarian artist Christo became known ■ Running Fence for “wrapping” buildings ■ Pont Neuf wrapped. What project did he make headlines with ■ Wrapped Reichstag in 1985? ■ Wrapped Trees 27 Which of the named artists is ■ Hans Arp not one of the visual artists of ■ Max Ernst Dadaism? ■ George Grosz ■ Hugo Ball 28 Which French painter founded ■ Georges Seurat with Georges Braque ■ Pablo Picasso Cubism? ■ André Masson ■ Henri Matisse 29 Which painter is known for his paintings ■ by Vincent van Gogh sunflowers? ■ Claude Monet ■ Edgar Degas ■ Paul Signac 30 The painter Franz Marc was one of the founders ■ The bridge of an artists' association. What was the name of this ■ De Stijl artist community? ■ The Blue Rider ■ Vienna Secession 63

KUNST 25 28 After the original building plan, Pablo Picasso was finally finished. In addition to numerous of the Cologne Cathedral in 1880. He also created cubist paintings. He started with the Bausche sculptures. 1248, the choir of the five-aisled Georges Seurat founded the basilica with a three-aisled transverse neo-house, also known as pointilism, and a chapel wreath became impressionism. Consecrated to André Masson in 1322. In 1944 he was a surrealist painter and Cologne Cathedral was bombed by allied bombs - Henri Matisse was a representative of the attacked heavily damaged Fauvism, which was then related to German Expressionism after the Second World War. restored. 29 26 Sunflowers are the most common In 1985 Christo made the Pont Neuf project wrapped with a motif of Vincent's still lifes - van Gogh. During the wrapping of the Pont Neuf in 1888/89, he painted a total of seven pictures in Paris - headlines. with sunflowers in the vase. In 1976 he set up one of the main motifs of Claude the running fence in California, the "running Monet were the water lilies in the fence". At his largest pond in his garden in Giverny. Wrapped Wrapped Wrapped Favorite motif of Edgar Degas Reichstag 1995 he wrapped the were dancers, Paul Signac Reichstag in Berlin. For the project, Christo mainly painted harbors and river wrapped trees. 1998 30 trees in Riehen, Switzerland. The artists' association founded in 1911 in Munich by Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky Hugo Ball, a man of letters and intellectuals, was the father of Dadaism and was not a Der Blaue Reiter. visual artist. The bridge was founded in Dresden in 1905. The later Surrealists, the painter by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich and sculptor Hans Arp as well as Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and painter Max Ernst, founded Fritz Bleyl in 1919. Piet the Cologne Dada group. The painter Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg and graphic artist George Grosz created the group in 1917 in Leiden and co-founded De Stijl in Berlin in 1918. The Vienna Secession Dada Group. was an artists' association founded in 1897 around Gustav Klimt. 64

ART 31 In the visual arts, what do you call ■ collage a surface-bound three-dimensional ■ sculpture representation? ■ Sculpture ■ Relief 32 Art Nouveau is the German name ■ Belle Époque for a style of art. How was ■ Fin de Siècle called this art form in France? ■ Art nouveau ■ Modern Style 33 Which American painter is known for his ■ Andy Warhol motifs from comic strips? ■ Roy Lichtenstein ■ Edward Hopper ■ Man Ray 34 How do you call a campanile in architecture ■ a free-standing bell tower? ■ Bower ■ Candelabra ■ Colonnade 35 Which of the painters mentioned is ■ attributed to the Carl Spitzweg Biedermeier? ■ Caspar David Friedrich ■ Wilhelm Tischbein ■ Adolph Menzel 36 From which painter does the picture from ■ Pablo Picasso originate, on which the designation of ■ Wassily Kandinsky non-representational painting as "abstract ■ Georges Braque art" goes back? ■ Claude Monet 65

KUNST 31 34 A three dimensional, that is plastic, bell tower standing free next to the church is called a campanile or a representation is called a relief. Called campanile. Most famous A collage is a picture made on- Example of a campanile is made of glued pieces of paper, fabric Leaning Tower of Pisa. or other materials. A bower is a heatable sculpture, is a carved work room in a castle, a candelabra in stone or a carving. a candlestick.Under colonnade Under plastic one understands works from a colonnade with sculptable materials like clay straight entablature in contrast to or plaster and from cast arcade. Material understood like metal. 35 32 In his The Art Nouveau was called in France pictures, Carl Spitzweg humorously described scenes from Art Nouveau. The life of the petty bourgeoisie and sun The Art nouveau as an art style falls in the time of Biedermeier in the time of the Belle Époque of and Restoration. 1890 to 1914, which in its later days Caspar David Friedrich is considered a typically decadent appearance of the main masters of the painting of forms and is therefore also referred to as German Romanticism, Wilhelm Fin de Siècle. Tischbein belongs to classicism, modern style belongs to youth. Adolph Menzel was a representative of the anti-romanticism of England. and classicism directed 33 realism. The 36 raster dots on comic strips The term “abstract” for counter- became the trademark of the stationary painting goes to the painter and graphic artist Roy Lichten- “First abstract watercolor” by stein. Wassily Kandinsky back. Andy Warhol's best-known works, developed almost simultaneously, include the series graphics of Pablo Picasso and of film stars and soup cans. Georges Braque founded Edward Hopper and painted typical Cubism to another style - American landscapes and direction of abstract art. Cities in a stylized, realistic manner. The picture "Impression, soleil levant". The painter and photographer of Claude Monet was named - Man Ray opened up with Fotomon - giving for impressionism. meetings and photograms new means of expression. 66

KUNST 37 Which building is not designed by the ■ Neue Wache in Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel? ■ Brandenburg Gate ■ Nikolaikirche in Potsdam ■ Altes Museum in Berlin 38 Who founded the ■ Paul Klee Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919? ■ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ■ László Moholy-Nagy ■ Walter Gropius 39 The "Sistine Madonna" is one of the ■ Raphael main works by the Italian painter ... ■ Titian ■ Michelangelo ■ Leonardo da Vinci 40 What do you call an exhibition that ■ Looking at the vernissage showing the work of an artist? ■ Matinée ■ oeuvre ■ retrospective 41 Which of the following terms ■ Kurgan does not designate a grave building? ■ Cenotaph ■ Pantheon ■ Tumulus 42 Rembrandt's oeuvre includes under ■ The Tower of Babel, among other things, more than 500 paintings ■ The anatomy of the. Which picture is not from Dr. Tulip him? ■ The night watch ■ The man with the gold helmet 67

KUNST 37 40 The Brandenburg Gate is not from Schinkel. The early class work or an era of an artistic building by Carl lers is called a retrospective. Gotthard Langhans erected. A vernissage is the opening of Die Neue Wache in Berlin, which are all presented in an exhibition in which the works of Nikolaikirche in Potsdam and a living visual artist in the Altes Museum in Berlin are presented. Matinée is from the first half of the 19th century - a hundred taking place in the morning, counting among the main artistic events. The work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the complete work of an artist, is what the most important master builder describes as an oeuvre. of German classicism. 41 38 A pantheon is not a grave building. The Bauhaus in Weimar was consecrated by the architect Walter Gropius as a school for creative hand-honored gods, but a sanctuary dedicated to a polytheistic religion. Werk, architecture and fine Kurgan are barrows founded in the arts. Eurasian steppes, especially the painter Paul Klee was the teacher of the Scythian equestrian nomads. at the Bauhaus, the architect Ludwig A cenotaph is understood to mean a Mies van der Rohe took over an “empty” grave or a sham grave. 1930 his management. The painter and a tumulus is a graphic artist in Central Europe László Moholy-Nagy in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages was one of the founders of the New Broad Barrow in 1937. Bauhaus in Chicago. 42 39 The Tower of Babel is not one of Rembrandt's 1516 “Sistine Paintings. It became Madonna ”(Dresden, painting gallery by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in 1563) is one of the most famous paintings by Raphael. The group pictures The anatomy The "Pesaro Madonna" is one of the Dr. Tulp (1632) and Titian's major works at night. The center of the wache (1642) were commissioned work by ten Rembrandts. The frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, attributed to Brandt's ceiling, are numerous Rem-Michelangelo, but do not come from his in the Vatican. The most famous hand, but are works of his paintings by Leonardo da Vinci's pupil, so presumably that is the "Mona Lisa". Man with the gold helmet. 68

ART 43 Which important archaeological ■ Nike of Samothrace find does science owe to Heinrich ■ Pergamon Altar Schliemann, the discoverer of the ancient ■ bust of Nefertiti Troy? ■ Mask of Agamemnon 44 The Louvre in Paris houses several ■ Rock Grotto Madonna of the not too numerous paintings ■ Saint Anna Leonardo da Vinci. Which one does not include yourself three? ■ Mona Lisa ■ Madonna with Carnation 45 Which of the following pictorial ■ Venus de Milo depictions of women is the oldest? ■ Venus von Willendorf ■ Medicean Venus ■ Venus von Urbino 46 “The shooting of the rebels on Picasso 3 May 1808” is one of the most impressive ■ Manettos paintings in European painting. ■ Goya Which painter does it come from? ■ Delacroix 47 What is the name of the ancient painting technique in which ■ gouache painting the color pigments are fused with wax ■ encaustic and hot applied? ■ Fresco painting ■ Grattage 48 Which is not a typical feature of the ■ cube capital Gothic architectural style? ■ pointed arches ■ ribbed vaults ■ buttresses 69

ART 43 46 The mask of Agamemnon, part The picture showing the execution of part of the rich gold jewelry of the takers in the Spanish uprising in the royal tombs of Mycenae, was made against the French occupation in 1876 by Heinrich Schliemann, comes from Francisco Goya. excavated. In the tradition of the image of Goya The Nike of Samothrace was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1951 in 1863 by the French Champoi "Massacre in Korea". Found a similar seau. Edouard Manet chose the subject to excavate 1868 Pergamon altars discovered in 1878 with “The shooting of Kaiser Maxi was Carl Humann. The Bust of the Milians of Mexico ”. Eugène Nefertiti was at Ausgra-Delacroix in 1912 when Ludwig Borchardt created the revolutionary picture “The found. Freedom leads the people ”. 44 47 The Madon, created around 1475, with a carnation in Greek and Roman times, is not often used in ancient times in the Louvre; it hangs in the old painting process, with which the colors Pinakothek in Munich. The encaustic is used to bind Leonardo's Madonna in the Rocks with hot wax. and the Saint Anne Gouache painting is in contrast to the inventory of the Louvre, to the glazed watercolor painting which is one of its main attractions but painting with opaque water - undoubtedly the Mona Lisa. Colours. The painting was stolen from the still damp lime plaster in 1911 and was not a wall painting until 1913. In the painting technique in an antiquarian bookshop, the grattage is uncovered again. worn paint scraped off again. 45 48 The Venus von Willendorf is a Die Würfelkapitell is a statuette from the Stone Age. drawing style element for the Romanesque architecture of the 11 cm limestone figure; in the 1908 near Willendorf in the Gothic it is found by calyx buds-Wachau. and leaf capitals replaced. The Venus de Milo is a mar- next to it are the pointed arch, the mor statue from the late 2nd year- cross ribbed vault and strut- one hundred BC. BC, the marble statue arches and buttresses on the exterior walls of the Medicean Venus come from a typical style feature from the Roman Empire. The times of Gothic buildings. Venus de Urbino is a painting by Titian from 1538. 70

MUSIC The roots of music lie in cult and in religious and ritual acts. Above all, rhythm and song were supposed to force the spirits under their spell, conjure up the gods and pay homage to them. Music began to develop as an art form in ancient times. The large collective term is divided into folk, art and entertainment music according to different points of view.

MUSIC 1 Which of the mentioned instruments is ■ Balalaika a wind instrument? ■ Ocarina ■ Ukulele ■ Bandoneon 2 What is the name of the only opera by the ■ Bluebeard composer Jacques Offenbach? ■ Orpheus in the underworld ■ The beautiful Helena ■ Hoffmann's stories 3 Who went down in musical ■ Johann Strauss history as the waltz king? ■ Richard Strauss ■ Oscar Straus ■ Botho Strauss 4 The Beatles were one of the most popular ■ John Lennon and musically influential musical ■ George Harrison groups of the 20th century. Which ■ Paul McCartney of the Beatles played the bass guitar? ■ Bill Wyman 5 Which of the ballets is not by ■ Swan Lake Peter Tchaikovsky? ■ Sleeping Beauty ■ The Nutcracker ■ The Firebird 6 What do you call the text book for a ■ libretto opera, an operetta or a ballet? ■ Notation ■ Score ■ Manual 73

MUSIC 1 4 The ocarina is a wind instrument. Paul McCartney was the bass guitarist for the Beatles, for whom he played a vessel flute made of clay or porcelain, along with John Lennon, who played the rhythm guitar with a beak mouthpiece, numerous eight to ten finger holes. Wrote and arranged songs. The balalaika is a three-string. George Harrison played the melo- Russian plucked instrument with the guitar, the fourth Beatle was a triangular sound body, the drummer Ringo Starr. Bill Ukulele a small four wyman guitar was not a member of the steel strings. The bandoneon is Beatles, but the bass guitarist is a harmonica instrument. the Rolling Stones. 2 5 Hoffmann's stories were the only opera with the premiere of the ballet that Jacques Offen- Der Feuervogel composed in Parisbach in 1910. The Russian composer only became world-famous after the death of the composer Igor Stravinsky. The opera that premiered was Sein countryman Peter Tschai - the most successful of his more than 100 kowsky composed the ballets for stage works, which also included the Swan Lake (1877), Dorn operettas Blaubart, Orpheus in röschen (1890) and The Nut - the Underworld and The Beautiful knacker (1892) who still count Helena today. are part of the standard repertoire of the 3 dance theater. The nickname “Waltz King” was 6 Johann Strauss (son), who composed more than 170 waltzes for a musical theatrical work or one of them “At the beautiful blue ballet and in the figurative sense Danube” and “Viennese blood”. the text itself will be called by his libretto Oscar Straus (Italian "little book"). Operettas such as “Ein Waltzraum” notation or musical notation is known, Richard Strauss composes a system of signs for the written nated the opera “Der Rosenkava - representation of musical works, lier”. Since the middle of the score, Botho Strauss has been one of the most elaborate recordings in all details of the 1970s. The German-language manual played is the one with the hands to the playwright. playing keyboard of keyboard instruments. 74