Does Swagbucks actually send prices

Make money with paid surveys

Benefits of paid surveys

1) make money
Of course, you do this primarily for the money. If you have familiarized yourself with the various systems and surveys, you will see that converted hourly wages of 8 - 16 euros are quite possible. However, this also takes some practice. At the beginning, however, an hourly wage of 6 euros is possible in any case. If you register with 10 providers, an income of 200-300 euros per month should not be a problem.

2) Easy work
Have you ever made money that easy? On the computer - simply by answering questions about your lifestyle or consumer behavior? There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” and you have no pressure from others.

3) Work wherever you want
Answering the surveys only requires a computer with internet access. Where you fill out the surveys is up to you. This can be in the office, garden, park or even in another country.

4) Work when you want
There are no set times when you have to answer the surveys. Just work whenever you want - whether in the morning, at noon, in the evening or at night. Nobody gives you guidelines.

5) Gifts & Free Samples
There are surveys that are made about new products. The companies will either send you the product (which you can usually keep) or you will receive a free sample. So you will receive money for the survey and also a free product.

6) Influence
You can move and change things with your opinion. That's a positive thing, and if you lean a little far out of the window, you could even say that it improves the world a little. In any case, your opinion has an influence on products and services and thus also on us humans.