Is nature our god

Nature is the only true God

>> Of course I was curious to see how Dr. Christian Zippel spends his birthday and the turn of the year. In response, I received some pictures from a Spanish mountain monastery. My question: Why he was there, he answered with: “Because I am a pantheist and up here I am particularly close to nature.” Today, for the New Year, I received the following lines. <<

"For my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere. "

What Master Yoda describes is a commitment to pantheism. The belief that there is no higher principle in the universe than nature and its power. Evolution is the gospel. Every forest, every river, every mountain is a church.


... is probably the most original of all religions. In earlier times, before homos became self-centered and humanized the gods, natural religions were the norm. Even large parts of today's Germany revered nature: fresh springs, particularly mighty trees or impressive rocks such as the Externsteine ​​- not to mention the healing power of special herbs.


... after all, belief in nature is the only scientifically valid one. You don't have to believe alone. We can experience nature - its effects and functioning - every day, measure and research it. As a result, she doesn't lose a bit of fascination.


... them when we look in the mirror, when our wounds heal and muscles grow. But also when we eat, dance and sleep or even father children. It is no different around us. We are nature, thus divine, and inseparably intertwined with our environment: air, fire, water, earth - the primordial elements of Greek philosophy.


... how our bodies work? How can our cardiovascular system run for 100 years or more? How does our hormonal system direct our urges, moods and developments? How does our brain create poetry, skyscrapers and quantum mechanics? How does our musculoskeletal system enable tricks, forced marches and a sure instinct? And how is our immune system able to heal us over and over again?

And all of this only affects the individual. Just look at whole peoples, cities and ecosystems like the rainforest or even the universe out there. Everything is nature - yes, even culture.


... the egocentric, humanized religions are showing a return to nature and its values ​​in our enlightened world. Anthropocentric arrogance saw man as the image of God. He should exploit and dominate nature, "make her subject".

But in the meantime

... we realize that we are by no means the center of the world and certainly not immortal gods. We see that we are ravaging our planet and wasting its resources. Alienation from nature is a wrong path. Trying to control it: laughable. We will never be above nature.


We humans are just an experiment in evolution - just like the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. These were almost wiped out by a random natural disaster. We, on the other hand, saw the tree we live on: our family tree.


Processes of self-destruction are programmed into almost every biological system. Only this dance of chaos and cosmos brings momentum to the booth. This is also a source of development on our planet.

All this …


So I don't need any made up religions from egocentric times. I only need to open my eyes, in the midst and above the clouds, to see the mountains, raise my arms, take a deep breath and not only believe, but also feel and know:


It is and works everywhere. Your principles work. Your laws are irretrievable, inviolable, inviolable. Philosophy leads directly to it. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology and economics are their children.


Ruler of space and time, development and destruction, life and death ... and I am a pantheist.