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The power of love - the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert

Love is a great source of inspiration. Conversely, something great can grow out of deep lovesickness. And so Larry Harvey's (1948 - 2018) lovesickness brought us this great festival of art and love.

Harvey first held the festival in 1986 out of lovesickness with 20 participants on Baker Beach, a beach on the grounds of the Presidio in San Francisco. It was then held annually with an increasing number of participants, until in 1990 the burning of the large statue on the beach was banned. Then the Burning Man Festival moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

The huge Burning Man party takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert, around 150 kilometers north-northeast of Reno. The festival lasts eight days and traditionally ends on the first Monday in September, Labor Day of the Americans. The real highlight is the burning of an oversized statue - the Burning Man - on the sixth day of the festival.

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Cover photo / The Burning Man is a woman here. Black Rock City, Nevada, USA / Photo: Unsplash

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