Why did Apple acquire Texture

Apple is negotiating a new flat rate offer for news with US media companies. The subscribers of the planned service will get access to the newspapers and magazines of the participating publishers for a monthly fee, a kind of "Netflix for News". Apple then wants to share the proceeds with the media houses, like that Wall Street Journal reported.

However, there is a dispute over the distribution of the subscription fees: Apple wants to keep an unusually high share of the revenue of around fifty percent, the other half should be divided between the publishers depending on the length of time users spend with the content. In addition, according to the report, Apple demands sole access to the email addresses and credit card numbers of subscribers - data that is valuable for marketing. The plan accordingly caused criticism, because many publishers are already under pressure. Currently there are leading publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times no agreement, the own talks with Apple went "productively", reports the Wall Street Journal. Apple has named a monthly fee of around ten US dollars as the usage fee for the news service, but this could still change. The news portal Buzzfeed reports that the offer could be launched on 25.

March to be presented. The plan does not come as a complete surprise: a year ago, Apple bought the Texture app, which provides subscription-based access to magazines such as National Geographic, Vogue or The New Yorker granted. And the Apple portal 9to5 Mac has an early version of the iOS 12.2 operating system at the end of January. Detected evidence of a service called Apple News Magazine. The news app should be installed on new Iphones. If only a fraction of the approximately 90 million users take out a subscription, there are significant profits. The group has successfully pursued a similar strategy with Apple Music. Such services are becoming more important for the group as the sale of smartphones is weakening.